An Inside Look into athenahealth EHR 

Updated on March 10, 2022

Handling medicare is not a child’s play. It sucks the life out of providers. They have to devote their lives to their patients’ care as providers; being at home or clinics is no different. They are always on the call with patients. But in prioritizing patients, they neglect their personal life. And this is something athenahealth EHR focuses on. 

The software rose from the ground up to ensure an optimal work-life balance. You might feel burdened with a heap of clinical workload on your shoulders. But athenahealth EHR software allows working in a relaxed environment by featuring a team-based approach. You will get to work closely with athenahealth’s expert administrators to manage clinical life properly. 

But the question is how it does so? What are its salient offerings that reduce your workload? Why should you opt for this EHR solution when you have a hundred others to choose from? We will answer these questions for you by sharing the details of the athenahealth EHR demo. Also, we will consider ts reviews to understand the consumer’s point of view. 

Learn more about it by reading till the end. 

What Can You Find In athenahealth EHR demo?

Most professionals use the typical approach while breaking down a demo by sharing the key features highlighted. But, we are not going to follow the crowd. So, instead, we will present a more practical approach here. And that is, listing down the prime clinical aspects covered by the features of this vendor. This will give you a wholesome idea about the services of athena EHR. 

So, are you ready to find out What is athenahealth

Patient Engagement

Exploring the demo of athenahealth EHR, our team of experts concluded that this vendor is built on a patient-centric approach. A patient-centric approach means that it values the expectations and demands of patients to engage them in healthcare. So, if you put yourself in this condition, what would you want as a patient?

You might want transparency in treatment plans, instant access to medical reports, the ability to securely communicate with the patients, etc. The athenahealth EHR demo shows that it offers a comprehensive patient portal for that. Using it, the patients get all these things at a centralized location. In addition, this portal also provides patients with reliable educational material. 

Another thing that spikes patients’ interest is uninterrupted and interactive clinical sessions. For sure, it’s not possible to devote 100% attention to them, right? But you are in the wrong. With this credible solution, you get to concentrate fully on your patients. This way, patients get fully immersed in the visits and open up more, revealing many significant details. 

Athena EMR makes it possible by featuring services like instant SOAP notes creation, customizable charts, voice dictation, and more. These automated services minimize the screen time which you can then devote to your patients. It leads to a solid patient-physician bond, resulting in optimal care outcomes. 

Task Handling

Another significant aspect we discovered in the demo of athenahealth EHR is task handling. It is also something that drains energy, thus affecting the provider’s efficiency. For example, you may have found yourself in a situation where you can either take in more patients per day or specify a specific time frame for just aligning the clinical tasks. 

It is a challenging task because every task in clinical operations plays an integral part in streamlining the workflow. But we came to learn that athenahealth EHR software elegantly helps in this regard by automating the task handling process. Not only does it automate the procedures to be handled, but it also presents automated to-do lists for better clinical functioning. 

Every day, the vendor will create a to-do list. This is to make sure no task is left unattended. It surely helps in the long run as all your processes will be carried out timely, leaving no delay in the work timeframe. It means all client information and clinical data will be processed timely. Your staff will also feel relaxed and will have fewer medical operations to run. 

They will get their hands on tools like appointment scheduler, patient kiosks, digitized patient in-take forms, etc. The way the practice management solution assists staff is way beyond expectations. It will eventually improve staff effectiveness, timely work submission, and accuracy in clinical operations. All this combined leads to enhanced clinical productivity. 

What is athena health’s Pricing Structure?

Athena health pricing is an all-time hot topic for care providers. Your name might also be on the list of those providers who want to know what they will be charged for availing the services of this remarkable healthcare solution. One thing we can promise about athena health pricing is the vendor costs exactly what its price tags suggest and delivers far more than your expectations. 

Even though the price tag of athenahealth EHR is not revealed, we gathered reliable information from its reviews. This integrated suite of exceptional services charges precisely what is expected from an EHR vendor of this caliber. An astonishing fact about its cost is it charges according to the percent of collections and not a penny more. 

This ‌is backed by the athenahealth EHR reviews. Users have stated that when they don’t earn any revenue, which is an exceptional case, the software charges nothing. Contradictory to the EHR solutions, offering monthly cost plans is a much better investment, especially for individual practitioners and small-scale practices. 

Another fact that makes it a worth-investing option is, athenahealth EHR system offers an opportunity for customized quotes. So, you can get a pricing plan explicitly crafted following the needs of your practice. This will significantly reduce your financial strain, nurturing a friendly and profitable business environment. 

Final Verdict About athenahealth EHR:

Have you made up your mind yet? This healthcare solution may be the right option for your practice. The way it is enhances patient engagement and automates clinical task handling is out of the norm. One more reason to consider athena health as your best bet is its pricing strategy. So, dive into the solution read its reviews to get a clear idea about its works. 

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