Alleviate Depression and Anxiety with Room Improvements

Updated on January 22, 2022
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With the world we are in, everything is in chaos. We become anxious and depressed as we try to cope with things. As many have been suffering from these disorders, there are medical treatments and therapies available for them. Moreover, making some changes in the aspects of our life is a powerful tool in alleviating depression and anxiety.

Changes like home improvements have proven to help anxiety and depression for some. Thus, some professionals recommend a bedroom makeover. We spend one-fourth to half of our day in our bedroom. It is our personal space. Moreover, lack of sleep is a risk for anxiety and depression.

Bedroom: Our Personal Space in the House

Every night we spend our time sleeping in our bedroom. It is the place where we can hide, shut ourselves away from the world, and regain ourselves. Moreover, most of our favorite things: stuffed toy, book, and weighted blanket for an adult that give a sense of security are found in our bedroom. Thus, recreating your room and making it a haven is therapeutic.

You may not have control over every situation that happened in your life, but with room improvement, you have the freedom to decorate it.

Ideas for Room Improvements to Alleviate Depression and Anxiety

It may not be obvious, but the bedroom is a crucial component of how much sleep our body gets. Moreover, it is the place where you should be comfortable with yourself. We have some room improvement ideas to give you a cozy place.

Keep it bright and cheerful.

We want our bedroom to be dark during sleep hours, but our room also needs a bright and cheerful space. Allow your windows to darken or brighten the room. Room-darkening blinds, shades, and drapes allow you to sleep comfortably in darkness but introduce some sunshine for the rest of the day. Moreover, a glimpse of the sun gives you a lighter mood.

Warm color hues

The color of your bedroom sets the mood and tone of your personal space. It reduces anxiety by making you calm and comfortable. It is best to choose hues that give a mild reaction such as light pastels or neutral tones. Nevertheless, you can be creative by expressing yourself through artwork or getting your favorite color to make yourself more comfortable. 

Replace the Mattress

Above all, the bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom. It gives you comfort day and night. Thus, you also have to consider mattress replacement as part of the makeover if:

✔ More than five years of use

✔ Big enough or small enough for the person/s that sleeps in it

✔ Hard enough to give you backaches

Thus, choose a mattress that is top-quality to keep your spine comfortable and properly aligned. Moreover, get a plush comforter, bed skirts, and shams that match to create an inviting environment. Long, uninterrupted, and comfortable sleep reduces anxiety and depression.

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Get a Security Blanket

Aside from making your bed look beautiful, you also need to look great and comfortable. You also need to buy a security blanket. A weighted blanket for adults gives a sensation that makes our brain release happy hormones. Thus, it improves the duration and quality of sleep.


There are different therapeutic activities to ease depression and reduce anxiety, and room improvement is one. Aside from the room decorations, mattresses, and weighted blankets for adults is an essential component to enhance sleep. Give yourself an optimum rest; you deserve it!

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