All You Need to Know to Obtain the Golden Visa in Spain

Updated on July 10, 2024

Spain’s Golden Visa has become one of the most attractive ways to gain residency in Europe, ideal for investors seeking to establish residency in Spain.

Investing in a country with a vibrant culture, enviable climate, and growing economy can be your best option.

In this article, we will explain in detail everything you need to know to obtain the Spain golden visa, from the requirements and application process to how an immigration lawyer can simplify and expedite the entire procedure.

What is the Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a residence permit by investment that Spain offers to attract foreign capital. This program allows non-European citizens to obtain a residence permit in Spain by making a significant investment in the country.

The program is designed to be accessible and flexible. Applicants do not need to reside permanently in Spain; they only need to visit the country once a year to maintain their residence permit.

This makes it an ideal option for those who want to establish a base in Europe without compromising their residence elsewhere.

Necessary Documentation to Obtain the Golden Visa

To obtain the Golden Visa in Spain, it is essential to prepare and present a series of documents that prove your eligibility and compliance with investment requirements.

Here is the necessary documentation to ensure your application is successful:

Valid Passport

You must have a valid passport throughout the application and residency process. It is important that the passport is in good condition and has at least one year of validity remaining.

Proof of Investment

Depending on the type of investment you choose, you must provide specific documentation that demonstrates you have made the required investment.

Criminal Record Certificate

You must present a criminal record certificate from the countries where you have resided in the last five years. This document must be translated into Spanish and legalized or apostilled.

Health Insurance

You must have public or private health insurance with an entity authorized to operate in Spain. The insurance must cover you throughout your stay in the country and meet the standards of the Spanish healthcare system.

Proof of Financial Sufficiency

You need to demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family in Spain. This can include bank statements, income certificates, or any other document that proves your financial capacity.

Application Form and Fees

Complete the official Golden Visa application form and pay the corresponding fees. Be sure to keep the payment receipts, as they will be necessary to submit your application.

Recent Photograph

A recent passport-sized color photograph with a white background. This photo must meet the standards established by Spanish authorities.

Proof of Residence

A certificate of registration in Spain if you already reside in the country, or proof of your current residence in your country of origin.

Preparing all this documentation correctly and completely is crucial for the success of your application. Therefore, you must ensure you have all the required documents.

Types of Investment for the Golden Visa in Spain

There are several main investment options available to obtain the Golden Visa in Spain, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Real Estate Investment

One of the most popular ways to obtain the Golden Visa is by investing in real estate in Spain. The requirement is to make a minimum investment of 500,000 euros in one or several properties.

Investment in Spanish Businesses

Another option is to invest in business projects that have a significant impact on the Spanish economy. This includes job creation, technological innovation, and investment in strategic sectors.

Although there is no minimum amount established, the investment must be sufficient to demonstrate its relevance and impact.

Investment in Financial Instruments

You can also opt to invest in financial instruments such as government bonds or shares in Spanish companies.

In this case, the minimum required investment is 2 million euros in Spanish government bonds, or 1 million euros in shares or stakes in Spanish companies.

Other Forms of Investment

There are other less common but equally valid forms of investment to obtain the Golden Visa. For example, you can make a significant investment in an investment fund or a public interest project considered strategic for the country.

The Golden Visa is a gateway to many opportunities in Spain. Having the requirements and documentation will bring you one step closer to enjoying the benefits of residing in one of the most attractive destinations in Europe.

How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

An immigration lawyer can simplify the process of obtaining the Golden Visa in Spain, providing personalized advice on the best investment option and explaining in detail the legal requirements and procedures.

A lawyer will assist you in gathering all the required documents, ensuring they meet legal standards, including translations and legalizations. They will also handle submitting your application and track its status.

Moreover, in case of any issues, an immigration lawyer will provide quick and effective solutions. Therefore, having a specialized lawyer ensures a more efficient and stress-free process, increasing your chances of success.

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