All You Need to Know About Hormone Pellets Therapy Miami

Updated on July 14, 2021

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If you live in or around Miami and want to know what hormone pellets therapy is all about, you’re in the right place! Pellets are just one method of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and while preferred by some, there are aspects of this method that others find off-putting. 

We’re here to explain what hormone pellets therapy is, how it works, and look at the alternatives. So, let’s start with a bit about why people choose to undergo HRT and what it means to do so.

Why Hormone Production Slows

Hormones play an essential part in our bodies as they are messengers of a sort. A hormone instructs an organ to perform a function. They are also part of the development of humans, especially in the reproductive process. In women, estrogen is the hormone involved in an HRT process, whereas in men, it is testosterone. As we get older, hormone production slows down naturally. This is seen in menopause. Low hormone levels in people in Aventura and across the world can have the following effects:

  • Hot flushes, especially in women
  • Regular night sweats
  • Frequent mood changes
  • Unusual memory loss
  • Gaining weight
  • Irregular sleep issues
  • Loss of sexual appetite or pain during sex
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Poor muscle strength
  • Poor bone density

In men, especially testosterone is essential for sexual development and performance. The above symptoms can cause problems with self-esteem and confidence, hence the choice to undergo HRT. There are many methods of HRT of which hormone pellet therapy is one, so let’s talk about hormone pellets therapy and compare it with other methods.

What is Hormone Pellets Therapy?

The different types of hormone replacement therapy aim to reinstate estrogen or testosterone in patients who have suffered a loss thanks to aging or lifestyle. While a great deal of hormone deficiency is due to the natural aging process, habits such as smoking and excess alcohol intake, plus poor diet and lack of exercise, can also reduce hormones. What is the best method of HRT? 

Hormone pellets therapy involves the inserting of a pellet or implant under the skin. The implant contains the hormone – or a synthetic version of it – which is then released into the system at a controlled rate. The difference between this method and most of the others is that it involves a surgical procedure. For many people, this is what makes them look at alternative methods of HRT. Let’s list the various methods for comparison:

  • Tablets – which can be taken by mouth
  • Patches that you stick on your skin
  • Implants or pellets under local anesthetic, small pellets of the hormone are inserted under the skin of your tummy, buttock, or thigh. 
  • The gel is applied to the skin and absorbed

Some creams can be applied, and these are used especially for women who experience vaginal dryness after or during HRT treatment. 

Note that the pellets method involves only a local anesthetic. This is because the surgical procedure is minor, involving only small incisions in the skin through which the pellets are inserted. However, it is still so that many people look for an alternative despite the pellet method being safe, successful, and also efficient. Let’s look at the benefits of the pellets therapy method over the others.

Benefits of Hormone Pellets Therapy

Patients in and around Doral, FL are strongly advised to investigate all possible methods of HRT as some are more suitable for individuals than others. Here’s a brief list of the advantages of the pellets method over the others:

  • A hormone is released slowly in a controlled and measured fashion
  • No need to remember to take medication or apply cream
  • It lasts for several months of constant treatment

The main benefit is that you have the implants fitted and then do not have to think about it for the next few months as the pellets do their job. But there’s still that minor surgery to go through, whereas, with patches, pills, gels, and creams, there is no need for any surgical procedure.

Whether this is the method for you is something to be discussed with a doctor in detail. Some methods of HRT are more suitable for certain patients. At the same time, women, in particular, should have a full consultation before embarking on a course of HRT therapy of any kind as certain medical conditions, both past, and present can render the process unsuitable and perhaps dangerous. 

Now we know what the pellet method is all about and the risks of this form of HRT?

What are the Risks of Hormone Pellets Therapy?

All medication and every type of HRT carries a modicum of risk and possible side effects. As we mentioned above, this is a reason to ensure you consult with a doctor to determine your suitability for HRT. Following are the list of some of the side effects that may be experienced when undergoing HRT, including the pellet method:

  • Outbreaks of acne may be experienced by men or women
  • Frequent bloating is also reported
  • Increase in weight gain
  • Unusual fatigue and tiredness
  • Frequent mood swings in either men or women
  • Increase in facial hair in women

This list is by no means comprehensive, but these are the main symptoms patients undergoing hormone pellet therapy report in cases in Coral Gables and across the world. HRT is also linked, although less commonly, with the following:

  • Blood clots
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Heart disease
  • Breast cancer

It is clear from the above why we stress the importance of a medical consultation before embarking on a course of any HRT.


Hormone pellet therapy is a delivery method for HRT for men and women who wish to live a fuller life, and like all the methods is not suitable for everyone. It is an effective and convenient way of issuing estrogen or testosterone into the body. Still, individuals must talk to a doctor about the most appropriate method of HRT before going ahead.

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