All on Four Dental Implants – A New Smile in Just One Day!

Updated on November 10, 2023

Losing teeth is an issue that affects almost everyone, but thanks to All-on-4 implant method you can restore an entire arch of missing teeth in just one day with this solution.

Since the nineties, this innovative technique has been put through rigorous trials to demonstrate its superiority over traditional dentures in terms of cost-efficiency, time savings and comfort.


All-on-4 dental implants (commonly referred to as teeth in a day) may be more cost-effective than traditional treatment options such as dentures and bridges due to requiring fewer implants that can be permanently secured to provide comfort and durability, less invasive due to natural healing process of healing, less bone grafts required and anchorage into existing bone tissue.

All on Four implants offer an efficient way to replace all upper or lower teeth using just four implants and an all porcelain bridge designed with digital precision. The result looks and feels just like natural teeth; no one will even realize you are wearing a bridge! Traditional implant procedures take months for healing time and bone grafting may be involved – All on 4 eliminates both complications, saving both time and money on subsequent appointments and maintenance needs.


Dental procedures can be expensive, making it hard to determine how best to fund them. Luckily, many dental offices now provide third-party financing solutions to make treatment more accessible and affordable – even for those who cannot afford All on Four alone. This enables individuals who cannot otherwise access it to receive their required treatments.

The All on 4 dental implant procedure, also referred to as “Teeth in a Day”, is a minimally-invasive solution that restores one or both jaws with full function using just four implants – offering significant cost savings over traditional implant surgery which typically requires multiple implants per missing tooth, along with potentially costly bone grafting surgeries.

The All on Four procedure enables patients to enjoy beautiful smiles without the long recovery times associated with traditional implant surgeries. Once recovery begins, patients can return to work and daily activities while following a healthy diet and brushing their teeth as normal.


The All-on-Four treatment provides permanent replacement teeth without lengthy recovery times or use of multiple implants.

Before initiating All on Four treatment, x-rays and digital 3D scans will be taken by the dentist to make sure that a patient’s mouth is suitable for dental implants. They may also perform bone graft surgeries if there are underlying conditions which prevent full healing of their implant site.

All on Four Vaughan dental implants offer patients a more stable solution to traditional dentures by supporting them with bone rather than protrusions from gums, and many people report feeling empowered after receiving All on Four dental implant treatments – no longer do they need to hide their smile or feel uncomfortable in social situations because their dentures slip during conversation, plus they can eat and drink like natural teeth without worry of embarrassing slip-ups!


Under proper care, an All-on-Four implant set can last a lifetime. They become part of your gums and jaw bone, becoming part of the structure in your mouth as natural part. This eliminates denture adhesive use while preventing bone loss in areas where teeth have been extracted.

The All-on-Four implant procedure helps preserve your facial profile, countering any “sunken in” appearance that often comes with traditional dentures. Implants are strategically positioned so they appear most natural-looking to give fullness that counteracts gaps or sagging skin or lips.

An effective way to ensure the longevity of All on Four implants is visiting an experienced dentist. Look for someone with years of experience performing the procedure and an outstanding track record; consider going with one who holds AGD Master (the Academy of General Dentistry’s highest honor for lifelong learning).

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