Aetna Plan F

Updated on September 10, 2021

Are you considering Medicare supplemental insurance plans? If you are, then you must give special consideration to Aetna Plan F. 

Aetna has maintained an unparalleled reputation since its establishment in the 1960’s. This company, along with its extended line of Medicare products, is a leader in the global healthcare landscape. They also offer multiple policies and you’d find it pleasing to note that several of them are top-carriers. 

Hence, those seeking Medicare insurance plans might find Aetna Plan F particularly an ideal option. Let us take a look at all the reasons why. 

Plan F- What it entails

Experts from the insurance industry tell us that Aetna Plan F is a top-notch comprehensive coverage plan. It has stellar reviews too and covers all the deductibles of Part A and B. Hence, those who opt for this plan will not have to incur out-of-pocket expenses plus enjoy multiple other advantages. 

Moreover, this Medicare plan offers the widest coverage one can ever perceive, perhaps the reason why a majority of people refer to as the “Cadillac plan”. Aetna Plan F smoothly picks up the tab where parts A and B leave off for you. 

What your part A does not cover, the plan F makes up for it, including hospital costs and co-insurance after you exhaust your Medicare benefits. Additionally, plan F also covers co-payment and co-insurance from part B as well as the excess charges. 

Perhaps the most attractive feature of Aetna Plan F is that it also covers foreign travel emergency. This is a very desirable provision, even if it comes with a specific limit. However, the fact that you do have some medical cushioning or leverage adds to your peace of mind when traveling abroad. 

Let’s take a detailed list of all the features you get when applying for Aetna Plan F:

  • Part B deductible
  • Part A deductible 
  • Medicare Part B co-payments and co-insurance 
  • Offering co-insurance for top nursing care facilities
  • Providing first three pints of required blood
  • Providing medical care overseas for emergency cases but with plan limitations (usually up to 80% of plan limits)
  • Part A’s co-payments and co-insurance provisions 
  • Providing co-insurance and inpatient hospital costs equivalent to that of Medicare part A. this offer is for an additional 365 days once you run of out of the Medicare coverage 
  • Coverage for excess charges equivalent to that of Part B. This is the amount that your doctor can legally charge for a medical service, beyond the amount that Medicare approves

However, plan F will not be available for people who are new to Medicare anymore because it covers the deductible part of Medicare Part B. Only those individuals can continue using this plan who already the Aetna Plan F. This stipulation was put in place by governing authorities in January, 2020. 

Moreover, individuals can now also opt for a high-deductible version of Aetna Plan F, which is also on offer. It comes with lower monthly premiums but one has to meet a deductible. Only upon meeting this criterion will the plan start covering costs. 

Aetna Plan F- A Cost Estimation 

Aetna offers multiple Medigap plans and their costs vary due to a variety of factors. The primary factors that influence the cost of a plan are the location and the applicant’s age. Below is an estimation of the average cost of Aetna Plan F for users:

Plan F

  • The monthly premium for plan F in Atlanta, GA is $139 – 409. 
  • The monthly premium for plan F in Phoenix, AZ is $117 – 518
  • The monthly premium for plan F in Toledo, OH is $128 – 443
  • The monthly premium for plan F in Chicago, IL is $128 – 462

Final Thoughts 

You will find a range of Medigap plans that Aetna offers, out of which Aetna Plan F remains the top-notch option. Other plans on offer include Medigap plans A, B, C, D F, g and high deductible F and G. Many markets in the United States also offer plan N. 

The range of plans that Aetna offers comes with co-pays or co-insurance and sometimes even both, for services of part A and part B. You will also find many additional benefits for plan F and certain others, including extra coverage for top nursing facilities, foreign emergency cases when traveling, hospice care, and others.

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