Advantages of surrogacy in Ukraine/VittoriaVita

Updated on October 1, 2021

Surrogacy is often the only chance for many couples with reproductive health problems to have children. A feature of this process is that an embryo obtained from genetic parents is transferred into the uterus of another woman, who agrees to carry and give birth to a child for material reward. 

Unfortunately, only a few countries around the world offer this reproductive service. It is Ukraine that is one of the few countries that makes it possible to legally and safely conduct surrogacy programs, offers quality medical services at an affordable price and has favorable legislation that protects the rights of biological parents.

VittoriaVita, one of the most popular International Surrogacy Agencies in Ukraine, which has been successfully helping infertile couples from all over the world to become parents for 13 years, takes the legal form of the entire process very seriously. Therefore, biological parents who work with this agency, after the birth of a child, receive a birth certificate and a passport in which they are indicated as mom and dad.

One of the most affordable prices for this procedure in the world

Compared to other countries of the world, Ukraine has the most loyal prices for surrogacy services. The average cost of a Ukrainian program is three times cheaper than in the United States. At the same time, all the requirements for treatment are written in the legislation, therefore the program is carried out according to the highest standards and only in accredited clinics.  

“VittoriaVita” offers its clients several fertility treatment programs using surrogacy. Their cost ranges from 36,000 to 50,000 euros. All programs include: medical examinations, selection of a surrogate mother, IVF, pregnancy monitoring, accommodation and meals for potential parents in Ukraine, paperwork for a child, and others.

What are the requirements for choosing a surrogate mother?

Agency “VittoriaVita” is very responsible in the selection of candidates for a surrogate mother, so not every woman can be suitable for such a responsible mission. Only a young woman aged 19-36, completely healthy, psychologically stable, without any bad habits, who already has at least one child, can become a surrogate mother.

Does the surrogate mother’s genetics affect the baby?

In Ukraine, only gestational surrogacy is used, in which the surrogate mother has no genetic connection with the child she is carrying. At birth, the baby inherits neither the blood group of the surrogate mother, nor any of her features: the color of the skin, eyes, hair. The child is biological for customer parents, so it will look like its mom and dad.

In practice, this process looks like this: an egg is taken from a wife, it is fertilized “in vitro” with the husband’s sperm, and the embryo is implanted into a surrogate mother who carries a child for his genetic parents.

Parents’ rights to a child after birth

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The Family Code of Ukraine quite clearly describes the legal relationship between a surrogate mother and the baby’s genetic parents: the rights to a newborn belong exclusively to the genetic mother and father.

In order to protect the rights of the future child, his genetic parents and surrogate mother, as well as to avoid misunderstandings, enter into an agreement. This document states that a surrogate mother cannot claim a child after his birth.

After the birth, the child is transferred to the biological parents, the names of the parents are immediately recorded in the child’s birth certificate and travel document. 

VittoriaVita is one of the best surrogacy agencies in Ukraine

VittoriaVita is a leading surrogacy agency in Ukraine that offers infertility treatment and surrogacy programs using IVF, IUI, donor eggs and donor sperm.

Genetic screening, which is performed here during IVF programs, allows you to identify embryos with various genetic and chromosomal abnormalities. Thanks to this study, “VittoriaVita” guarantees parents the birth of a healthy baby.

The agency employs lawyers who specialize in international law and provide quality support for the entire process.

VittoriaVita has created a team of the best specialists and selected reliable partners, considering all the steps of the program down to the smallest detail: from the first visit to the agency to the moment of issuing the passport to the child.

More than 600 infertile couples from all over the world have entrusted their dream to VittoriaVita and have already become happy parents. This is evidenced by hundreds of reviews of satisfied customers, which can be seen and read on the official website of the agency and on social networks.

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