Addiction in Bristol, how to solve it?


Bristol is a city with a vibrant youth culture. It’s famous for its harbour, its blend of architecture and even its continuing contribution to arts and sciences. While Bristol has been home to some seriously notable people and even astounding inventions such as nitrous oxide otherwise known as gas and air, it’s also facing a tough battle of its own in the form of an ever-growing addiction problem. 

With funding cuts to our NHS addiction services, it’s no wonder Bristol is seeing its addiction problems growing instead of falling. The question is, how can this problem be solved?


Education Is At The Very Core

Education is at the very core of Bristol’s answer to its addiction problem. Understanding the impact of addictive substances and even addictive behaviours is without a doubt a huge strength in the fight against addiction itself. By keeping people informed about the long and even short-term effects of substance abuse, along with the potential risk factors is undoubtedly the key in any type of prevention strategy. 

Education however isn’t just for teachers or those within counselling roles. Education needs to be given out within schools, youth centres and to anyone willing to listen. Everybody can benefit from the knowledge obtained from addiction specialists and researchers and by providing this information to as many people as possible, a prevention strategy for Bristol can finally begin – with hope that this will eventually kill its addiction growth.

Private Treatment Facilities

While education is undoubtedly one of the biggest weapons against addiction within Bristol, it does beg the question, how do we solve those already suffering from addiction? 

With an already underfunded NHS having to offer wait times of months and in some cases even longer for basic addiction rehabilitation services, it’s no wonder so many find themselves without the help they need.

Thankfully, there are a number of private treatment facilities available.

Infinity Addiction Solutions are just one such private rehab facility that offer bespoke services for addictions of any kind. From substance abuse to behavioural addiction, Infinity Addiction Solutions provide rehabilitation services for those in need – when they need it most. From intervention services through to counselling, therapy – both individual, group and family sessions – as well as a myriad of treatments prescribed to the individual and their needs.

At Infinity Addiction Solutions, those suffering from addiction can ensure they get the help they need, that won’t just address the addiction itself but the root cause of that addiction. As well as treatment, including medical detoxes and therapy, clients of private treatment facilities such as this will also benefit from a much more thorough and hands-on aftercare service, something that the NHS unfortunately lacks. This will ultimately reduce the chances of relapse following treatment at the centre itself.

Tackle Bristol’s Addiction Problem Together

With this two-pronged approach, of both education and private treatment facilities, we can but hope this is enough to turn Bristol’s growing addiction problem into one of steady decline. If you’d like more information on private treatment facilities, we recommend contacting Infinity Addiction Solutions on 0800 334 5541.

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