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Adapting to a vegan lifestyle: What you need to know

There are many reasons behind people wanting to adapt to specific diet trends or lifestyle choices; with ethical and health reasons being the most commonly heard of. In today’s world consumers are more aware of the products we’re purchasing and the foods available on the market, especially when it comes to sustainability and animal welfare.

Many diet and lifestyle choices have come and gone over the years, but a more recent one is increasing in awareness and the amount of people adapting to its lifestyle; this being, veganism. The vegan diet and lifestyle choice it brings is becoming more and more heard of across not only the USA, but across the world. There’s now a huge demand for vegan products and many large worldwide brands are taking advantage of this, with vegan ready meals, body washes and clothes now available to purchase.

What is veganism and what does it involve?

Following a vegan diet means removing any form of animal products from your diet, as well as the clothing you wear and skincare products you use. If you’re considering adapting to a vegan diet then it’s important you do your research prior to starting it. You can read more here.

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Many health experts have their opinions on plant-based diets, with some saying it’s not healthy for the body with the lack of nutrients such as protein, whereas others say everyone should consider following a vegan diet to help improve the environment and sustainability. 

Although the eradication of meat from any diet means an automatic lack of protein, this can be substituted through a number of other foods. Nuts, Quinoa, tofu and chickpeas are some of the most popular protein sources, as well as vegan protein powders. Our bodies need a balanced diet containing lots of nutrients so it’s important you understand where you can source them from, if you decided to adapt to a plant-based diet.

How popular is veganism?

It’s no secret that veganism has increased in awareness and popularity immensely over the past few years. Research carried out by OWYN shows the amount of people across each US state searching the term “veganism.”, over the past 5 years.

A number of states have had a huge increase in the term over recent years, including Alabama with a massive 500% and South Dakota at 333%. These percentages prove just how aware people are becoming around the vegan diet and what it entails.

Not all US states seem to be as interested in veganism though, as places like New Hampshire only have an increase of 21% and at the bottom of the scale is North Dakota, with a decrease of -29% of people searching the term.

It’s clear to see how aware people are becoming of veganism and the effect it’s having across the US. It will be interesting to see whether the vegan diet continues to increase in popularity over the next 5 years, or if like other diet trends, it passes sooner than we expect.

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