A Selection of the Most Advanced Technologies, Equipment & Medical Innovations in Senior Living Facilities

Updated on November 26, 2021

Senior living facilities are, by the proverbial country mile, far more advanced, innovative, and up-to-date than in previous years, and, as a result, more and more older adults are choosing to make the move. 

If you yourself or a close friend, family member, or loved one are considering moving to such a facility, or else your area of business and industry means you could or already do supply some of these services, then continue reading to discover a selection of the most advanced technologies, equipment, and medical innovations in independent living facilities. 


Essentially, the incredibly useful modern technology called telecare is the use of emergency alarms and remote monitoring to successfully and simply monitor, supervise, and ultimately care for the residents of independent living facilities and other senior living premises.  

Personal alarms can also usually be made available upon request from the individual resident, and current senior living residents cite Telecare technology as one of the main reasons why they feel safe, secure, and happy in their particular senior living community. 

Management of Medication & Repeat Prescriptions

The majority of senior living communities, but particularly those that have an attached memory care unit located at their premises, afford each individual resident their own automatic medication and treatment dispensers which display loud and bright alerts when it is time for them to take their next lot of medication. 

Such dispensers also work as an emergency bell to press in the event that the resident needs some help from the staff or a medically trained professional. 

Health Monitoring Systems

Obviously, doctors and nurses have been using technology to monitor the live-stream updates of patients’ physical health for many years now, but in recent times, these same technologies have been introduced to many senior living facilities as well. 

At any time, a member of staff, a medical nurse or doctor, or even in some cases, the residents themselves can check a number of different health elements of the individual, including heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, fall indicators, and respiratory rate. 

Computer Rooms

Some residents in certain senior living communities are lucky to have access to a wide plethora of computers, electronic tablets, and even video games, but even the more basic facilities offer more than a few computers for the residents to use that are connected to the internet. 

Obviously, connecting with friends, family, and other loved ones online is a fantastic way for residents in senior living to contact and feel part of life back home, and the facilities’ computers can also be used for researching and finding out information, online shopping for gifts, and for themselves and virtually attending church and other religious or spiritual services. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the opportunity it affords the resident to feel as if they belong.  

Certain senior living facilities even offer complimentary basic computer classes and courses for each resident should they like to enroll. 

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