A Guide to Common Car Accident Injuries Treated in Buffalo

Updated on July 30, 2021

Car accident injuries can happen at the worst and most unexpected times. And with more and more cars on the road every day, people are getting injured from car accidents more frequently than ever before. Here’s a guide to the most common car accident injuries in America and Buffalo.

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The Most Common Types of Car Accident Injuries

Most accidents happen because people don’t follow basic road rules and regulations. Injuries caused by car accidents vary. These include incidents caused by a motor vehicle accident, including motor vehicle collisions, car accidents and other vehicular traffic accidents. 

Across America, the most common severe injury that occurs during an automobile accident is head injury. The most common of these injuries that people get are s concussion. People get this type of head injury from crashing their heads against the steering wheel, dashboard or windscreen.

With the advancements in medical technology, healthcare professionals are better able to diagnose and treat traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). However, despite advancements, TBIs are still a serious concern for patients and their families. TBIs can result from traffic related crashes and may cause the loss of independent function, requiring long-term care and increased lifelong expenses.

It is essential to be aware of the symptoms of TBI, as they may show a need for medical care. Common symptoms of TBI include:

  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Hearing loss
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness.

The Most Common Causes of Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, the collision industry in the U.S. has had a hard time responding to these needs and has had a hard time keeping up with the data. The best research done to date has focused on how many vehicle collisions and injuries there are in the US, but it fails to give a clear understanding of the accident injury patterns. 

The data that exists only gets us to about a 40-45 percent injury rate, but it’s not helpful in identifying the root causes of these injuries. Looking at the traditional collision industry, there is not a great deal of benefit in treating so many non-collision injuries as they seem to have no more obvious cause.

According to the New York State Department of Health, the leading causes of car accidents in 2017 in Erie County were:

  1. Speeding
  2. Cell Phone Use
  3. Alcohol
  4. Drivers Passing in No Passing Zone
  5. Drugs
  6. Tailgating
  7. Tailgating
  8. Speeding
  9. Careless Driving
  10. Alcohol

The Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Buffalo

Vehicle accidents are one of the biggest causes of death and injury for Americans every year. Many crashes and injuries happen. Every state has its own set of rules regarding motor vehicle safety. However, you can expect car accidents to happen when people are traveling at high speeds, driving under the influence of drugs, or are driving under conditions that put the driver or passengers at risk. 

Medical Care of WNY at Buffalo reports that the three most common types of car accident injuries its doctors see are:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries – Soft tissues are the connecting tissues that support the body’s organs and structures. Categories of soft tissue include tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

    Whiplash is the most frequently seen soft tissue injury. Whiplash is a condition caused by the sudden stretching or tearing of ligaments in the neck and upper back. This is most common in car accidents, where your head and upper body can jerk suddenly. The seat belt protects your lower body from jerking forward in a crash.

    Soft tissue injuries can become permanent issues if not handled and treated, so be sure to visit a car accident doctor after your accident if you suspect injury.
  • Superficial Cuts and Scrapes – In a car accident, you may sustain scrapes, cuts, and bruises to your person. Pieces from your car can fly about the cabin of the car upon impact. You can help prevent this from happening by wearing a seatbelt at all times.

    An accident often draws blood that can be treated quickly, allowing you to return home that day. However, if you experience a deep scrape or cut, it is important to seek immediate care. In more serious circumstances, deeper cuts can lead to significant blood loss and may require stitches or transfusions.
  • Head and Chest Injuries–Head and chest injuries are harmful and can be life-threatening in any situation, especially when they occur as the result of a car accident. The head and chest are two of the most vital and vulnerable parts of our body. 

Car Accident Injury Statistics

Yes, accidents can happen regularly, and there is nothing to stop us from attempting to change that. Inevitably, some accidents will happen, but that is no reason to stop living a full life. For too long, Buffalo’s reputation has been the “car accident capitol of America.”

What you Can Do to Prevent a Car Accident Injury

First, remember to put on your seatbelt. Because the more time you spend in a car, the higher your chances of getting hurt, wear your seatbelt at all times. 

Since most accidents happen when the roads are bad or icy, it’s even more important to drive with caution in Buffalo than in the desert. Always give yourself enough time to get to where you’re going, and drive with your headlights on. If you have to slow down to avoid ice, reduce your speed and follow the speed limit. 

Another important thing to remember is that if you’re in a car accident, contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company will send out an adjuster to inspect the damage to your car.


Car accidents are among the most common cause of injury worldwide. If you are a driver, you need to take precautions while you are on the road and never forget to take out your car insurance before you get into any situation which might cause you injury. 

If you have been in an auto accident, find a qualified Buffalo car accident lawyer who can be your advocate.

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