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A Guide for Healthcare Professionals: How to Provide Excellent Aftercare to Your Patients

As a healthcare professional, it is your duty to ensure that each of your patients receives the exact amount of care they need to live long, happy, and healthy lives. This means that you have to go beyond simply caring for them while they are your responsibility. To ensure that your patients retain an excellent quality of life for years to come, you have to provide them with excellent aftercare. In some cases, the way in which you care for your patients when they are out of hospital will be the deciding factor in them overcoming their injury/illness.

To find out how you can provide excellent aftercare to your patients, be sure to read on.

Arrange for home modifications

If you ever feel that a patient’s home could pose a danger to them, then you should arrange for specific modifications to take place within this property. This will stop your patients from returning to you in the future with problems that can be easily avoided and/or managed.

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Should you ever treat an elderly patient or a patient with limited mobility, this will probably entail you arranging for their home to be made much more accessible. Whether this means having a professional such as South Wales Mobility install a stairlift in the home or fitting grab bars around the property, or even means building a ramp by the front door, be sure to arrange the exact modifications that your patients need to remain safe at all times.

Create a care and support plan

You might not be there to tend to your patients day in, day out, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t provide them with ongoing round-the-clock support. Should you provide your outgoing patients with a care and support plan, you will be able to continue to have a positive impact on their health despite the fact that they have returned home.

The care and support plans that you provide should detail the following: 

  • The exact support your patients need
  • How this ongoing support will be provided
  • What financial assistance they can expect with regards to this support

Prepare them for their return home

Some of your patients may feel anxious at the prospect of leaving your care facility, which in turn may heighten their stress levels and exasperate their health condition. To ensure that your patients never suffer from such a plight, you should go out of your way to prepare them for their return home. You can do this by:

  • Arranging transport to get them home
  • Making sure they or their loved ones/carers have a copy of their care plan
  • Supply them with the exact dosage of the medicine they need
  • Provide them with specialist equipment, such as crutches or a wheelchair
  • If you are not their normal GP, contact their doctor and let them know their patient has been discharged
  • Provide them with the contact details of the healthcare professional(s) they need to get in touch with should problems arise

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