A Concise Guide on Improving Core Business Models of Assisted Living Facilities

Updated on March 2, 2023

Assisted living facilities are one of the best places for residents of varying levels of physical and emotional health to live in their golden years.

However, as with any other field of the medical and healthcare industry, there is always room for improvement, and here, in this article, you will discover some of the areas in which there have been discussions for a number of years on how to improve.

EMR Technology 

Perhaps one of the most striking innovations that have already started to trickle into assisted living and memory care facilities across the United States is that of EMR technology.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records) essentially mean that residents’ health information and medical records are stored, updated, and viewed electronically, via intranet computer systems, rather than on paper.

At the same rate as medical technology is evolving and improving, so too is the way treatments and care are tailored towards individual people, and as residents in assisted living facilities have needs that change over the years, EMR is far more suited to effectively monitoring this. 

Methods of Boosting Resident Engagement

If you are someone who is in a position whereby you can affect positive changes to the day-to-day administration and running of assisted living facilities, then it is advisable to see for yourself how it’s done by taking a tour of an already established facility, such as a community for assisted living in Arizona, as an example.

One such change is related to the enjoyment and the level of independence residents in assisted living communities are afforded, and as there has always been an emphasis on independence in such facilities, more work should be done to expand this further. 

Just a few of the most effective and simultaneously relatively simple changes regarding the activities arranged for these residents could include:

  • Group exercise classes by an outside professional
  • Treasure hunts across the grounds to encourage engagement with nature
  • Themed dinner events whereby the residents can dress up to the nines
  • Learning opportunities such as IT, music, and art lessons

Video Technology to Involve Family Members & Friends

Some residents in assisted living facilities are already utilizing video software to keep in touch with friends and family members who live in another state and are, therefore, unable to visit regularly.

However, another change to the core business model of assisted living facilities should be to actively engage and involve friends and family in not only the social side of their loved one’s life but also the healthcare side too. 

Family portal access is, at this stage, more of a trial and theory-based practice and addition to the working model, but in time, remote involvement could be beneficial for both staff and residents.

Caregivers and family members alike could then have access, through such a family portal, to review the medical records of the resident, monitor upcoming activities, and provide anything the resident may need for said activity and to stay entirely informed and up to date on the condition and health of their loved one. 

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