A bonging way to smoke


Every smoker knows it – if you want your cannabis to kick in really good, you should smoke from a bong. Bongs are much stronger than just a joint and give you a pleasurable experience of a good high. With that being said, there are different kinds of bongs to smoke from and it’s also possible to make your own bong yourself.


Bongs come in different forms, literally. They can be built from glass (be careful with that!), ceramic or acryl. Acryl is a solid form of plastic. Acrylic bongs are often the most used forms of bongs and they come in different shapes and colours aswell. In the category of acrylic bongs, you can basically decide on any colour you would like.

If you want to create your own smoking bong, a plastic bottle is what you will need. We’ll quickly give you a guide through in how to quickly set up your own smoking bong using only a plastic bottle and a pair of scissors.

  1. Make a hole, slightly smaller than the width of a pen, in the side of the bottle that is around halfway up. It needs to have an air tight fit.
  2. Make another, smaller hole. This hole should be on the side of the bottle that is closest to you, and a bit higher than the previous one.  This hole will be the air passage, where the air will come out as you smoke from the bottle.
  3. Dismantle the pen that you are using. You will now use the outer plastic casing. You should place the tip of the pen at the bottom inside the bottle.  The other end you will be using for holding the bowl. Insertthe pen piece at a 45-50° angle.
  4. Place some duct tape around the 45-50°hole to seal it and hold the pen in place. This is where the smoke will come out. 
  5. Grab yourself an aluminium can.
  6. Now it’s time for scissors. Cut a small piece out of the aluminium can to use as a bowl. Bend it into a conical shape and slot it into the end of the pen.
  7. Open the bottle and add water to the bottle (around 100-150ml for a 500ml bottle). You can now pack the bottle and you’re ready to go.

Enjoy smoking with your bong! Does this idea still seem a little bit difficult to you, or would you much rather save time and just order a fresh and nice looking bong online? Headshops online got your back! Choose any type of bong in different colors and shapes right here