A 101 on Voltaren Gel Extra Strength

Updated on January 25, 2021

Keeping in mind the sort of lifestyle we are following in contemporary times, age and body pains, especially joint pains, have become quite a synonym. As we age, the body changes as well. The cells, tissues, and organs also change, thus impacting the overall body functioning. With age, cells become large and slowly start losing their ability to divide; this also leads to losing their capability to function. In some cases, the older cells start behaving abnormally. Also, aging leads to atrophy, with tissues becoming more rigid and causing difficulty in movement. Over a while, bones tend to lose density, becoming brittle. Thinning of bones is another common disorder commonly seen in the spine, making it compressed and curved. 

One of the easiest ways to prevent or slow down such problems related to joints, bones, and muscles is light exercise. Routine, moderate exercise can help in maintaining balance, strength, and flexibility. 

If you start experiencing severe pain in the body, whether it is the shoulders or back, accepting the pain as a part of the aging process is unnecessary. There are medicines like Voltaren Gel extra strength that can help alleviate such symptoms. They reduce inflammation, which is a common cause of pain, and reduces the frequency of pain. You can consult your physician on how to use Voltaren Gel, how this topical medicine works, and what else you can do to prevent joint pains due to old age. 

How Voltaren Gel Extra Strength Works?

Voltaren Gel Extra Strength has NSAID or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug known as diclofenac diethylamine. This drug helps in reducing inflammation of the injured area and also relieves pain. The gel penetrates deeply into the skin and reaches the tissues to provide diclofenac diethylamine on the injury site. The technology behind the gel ensures deeper penetration for better results. This gel can be applied twice a day, both morning and evening) for the quick action and great results. Upon regular application and slow massage of the gel, it gets absorbed by the skin and creates storage of diclofenac diethylamine under the skin. From this reservoir, the drug is slowly released over a period of time, providing relief from inflammation and pain. 

When Can Voltaren Gel Extra Strength Be Used?

Voltaren Gel extra strength works wonders if you are experiencing body pains and aches related to localized joint or muscle injuries. This includes acute sprains, sports injuries, and strains. In case you are suffering from a shoulder strain, ankle sprain, or back muscle pain, the Voltaren Gel extra strength can be of great help. 

How To Use Voltaren Gel Extra Strength for Joint Pain Relief?

Voltaren Gel extra strength is for topical use only. To get an accurate dose, it is advised to use the dosing card with the medication. Place the card on a flat surface where you can easily read the print on the card. Squeeze the medication out of the tube on the dosing card. You can use the marks to measure the prescribed dosage by a physician. Gently massage the medicine on the affected area or joint. The medication can be used four times a day or as directed by the physician. Avoid using Voltaren Gel in case you have any cuts, skin infections, or skin rashes. 

The dose of medicine is based on the patient’s medical condition and his response to the treatment. Avoid applying more than 16 gms of Voltaren per day to any lower body joint. Do not use more than eight gms of Voltaren in a day for the upper body joint. Irrespective of the number of joints you are treating, avoid using more than 32gms of diclofenac in a day. 

With that being said, these are some of the necessary instructions for using Voltaren Gel extra strength. If you are looking for more useful information, stay tuned with us.

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