8 Tremendous Tools to Maximize Your Content Efforts

Updated on August 21, 2020

Writers, bloggers, marketing specialists, business owners — all of them are continually looking for new approaches to craft high-quality content that will engage and entertain their audience while providing readers with the solutions, experience, or information they are after. Adopting the right tools can become a turning point for achieving those copywriting ideals. 

Reliable content writing tools can spur the ideation process, unleash your creativity, bolster your writing skills, and help you make peace with your inner editor. Some will help you eliminate occasional slip-ups in your texts or encourage you to create exceptional visuals that will resonate with your audience’s aesthetics and support the story you tell.

Jumpstart the Light Bulb Moments

When you need to put forward a content plan for your company’s website or come up with fresh topics for your blog posts, simply waiting for inspiration is a no-go. Such a strategy is time-consuming, and it also impedes the writing process. Luckily, there is a number of great tools that can help you spawn ideas for killer content.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This is a superb solution to come up with a catchy title that will 100% grab readers’ attention. All you need is to type the subject you want to write about, and then the app does its trick. The suggestions may be funny, odd, or even somewhat ridiculous, but you can always tweak the wording to coin the perfect headline. Plus, every topic recommendation comes with hilarious comments that can further spark your creativity.


Ideaflip is an interactive dashboard for brainstorming. This enticing app with an intuitive drag-and-drop menu enables you to scrawl your thoughts, make notes, analyze concepts, and visualize the connections between your discoveries. You can also add images, make snapshots of web pages, or upload the PDF files so that none of your content ideas slips your memory.

From Zero to Hero

So you have done profound research on the subject, processed all the collected information, honed to perfection your writing plan… And yet you still can’t get past the first line. If that sounds familiar, you should definitely try this aid to beat the writer’s block:


Ilys provides a minimalistic working environment where you can fully give yourself over to the creative flow. Once you start a new writing session, there is just one option available — establish your word count goal and start typing. There is no deleting, editing, or formatting until you reach that number. The most bizarre part is you can’t even see how your thoughts come out on the screen. The app will only display the last character you have typed, so there is no chance for your inner editor to crash the party.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

If your mind starts wandering after you’ve written just a few lines, this app will definitely kick that habit. Holding true to its name, this tool poses a real hazard to idle writers. Once the session length or desired word count is set, you simply can’t cease typing. If you lie fallow for more than 3 sec, all your progress will be in vain. It’s a bit of a barbarous method to stay on track with your work, but it works like a charm when you need to maintain your focus.

Editing is the King

Writing about hot potato issues and packing your articles with tons of valuable insights is a great strategy to hook the readers. But that won’t engage them for long if they would constantly stumble upon complicated sentences, odd wording, and flawed grammar. Careful editing and proofreading are right what you need to sharpen your writing chops.

Hemingway Editor

This nifty piece of software helps to identify problem areas in the text and labels them using color-coded marks. Purple highlights confusing words that can be substituted with simpler alternatives, blue helps to spot excessive adverbs, and green warns about passive voice constructions. The app also marks lengthy sentences with yellow, and overly complex sections are outlined with red. Such a clear visual approach to content editing trains you to write more succinctly and brings the quality of your texts to the whole new level.


This easy-to-use writing assistant offers spelling, grammar, and vocabulary checking. It instantly suggests recommendations on how to fix detected mistakes and provides details on potential slip-ups. You can edit your text directly on Grammarly’s website or install a Chrome browser extension to use its powers when you type something on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Docs. The app has a compatible version for Windows computers and MS Office documents. You can also get Grammarly Keyboard for iOS and Android phones.

Break Down Text Walls with Visual Flow

Creating images might be a rather challenging task for most content writers. But the game is worth the candle. Visual aid helps better illustrate some points covered in the copy, makes the content more aesthetically pleasing, and enhances its readability.


If you want to create enticing eye candy to attract more views to your writing, Canva should be your No. 1 choice. It is one of the most convenient image creation tools on the market that enables even people with absolutely no prior experience in graphic design to come out with alluring visuals. All you need to create professional-quality images is to choose a ready-made template and tweak in line with your objectives by adding shapes, text, and icons.


It is an intuitive visualization tool for making infographics, online charts, reports, and maps. The drag-and-drop editor provides you with the choice of 200 + designer templates you can customize by adding a title, typing in chart data, changing the color scheme, and uploading relevant images and video.

Get Content that Works

There are hundreds of writing apps and practical tools that can skyrocket your content efforts. Growing your business will require you to develop your brand’s voice, establish effective communication with the stakeholders, and keep producing quality content to engage your audience, but at a much bigger scale. That’s the point where you may start to seek extra help to support your copywriting needs. The best solution is to partner with a content writing company that will connect you to professional writers who know the difference between the college essay format and business writing format.

On top of their excellent writing skills, seasoned content creators also have relevant industry expertise. This means you will get 100% original, custom texts, tailored to match your business goals. They often also provide editing and proofreading services, so you don’t have to worry about spacing errors, typos, or missing concepts in your writings.

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