8 Things To Consider Before Getting Dental Implants


In a perfect world, everyone would have a perfect smile all the time because they practice good oral hygiene and are well nourished. However, some patients may be lacking in those, so they may need help from a dentist who’s skilled and trained in inserting dental implants. This means those who have lost some or even all of their natural teeth can smile naturally again once their dental implants are in place.

Before you go and set an appointment with a dental surgeon from Dental Artistry in Auckland, it’s important to know what you’re getting into first. Here are the things that you need to do and think about when you’re considering having dental implants put in:

1. Do Your Research About The Implantation Process

If you really need dental implants, check first what the implantation process entails. The dental implant procedure is somewhat invasive since the implant has to be fixed into your jawbone within your mouth. Parts of the gum will have to be taken out so the dental surgeon can reach the jawbone itself. Make sure you’re well-informed about the details of actual dental surgery before you decide.

2. Check The Qualifications Of Your Dental Surgeon

Since the dental implant surgery will be very intensive, you should check the credentials and experience of the dental surgeon. Do this before you agree to any further consultations and the surgery itself. If you want a great looking smile, you need to put yourself in the care of only the top dental surgeons you can find.

3. Ask Your Dental Surgeon About The Anesthesia And Implant Materials

You may have some allergies that need to be addressed before the surgery. Ask about the materials used to make dental implants since you might be allergic to those. You should also inquire about what anesthesia the dental surgeon intends to use on you. Don’t worry, a competent and experienced dental surgeon is used to discussing the procedure with patients, so don’t be shy about asking them about any concerns you may have.

Dentist with tooth implant false teeth. Dentistry and healthcare concept at dental clinic.

4. Ask Your Dental Surgeon About The Technology To Be Used

Sometimes, it’ll be necessary for the dental surgeon to rely on dental technology to make the surgical implantation successful. For example, the doctor may require computer planning software to get a good idea of what the surgical site looks like up close and from different perspectives. There might also be a three-dimensional CT scan of the surgical site in the dental office, since the dentist needs to know where the nerves are within the mouth and along the jawbone.

5. Ask Your Dental Surgeon What They’ll Do If The Surgery Fails

There’s always the possibility that the implantation will not be successful, despite the preparation you and your dental surgeon have done prior to surgery. A capable dental surgeon will be able to describe the contingency plan to address any setbacks. For example, if the dental implant comes loose, the dental surgeon has to take steps to avoid infection of the surgery site, such as prescribing oral antibiotics.

6. Inquire About The Cost

Don’t be afraid to ask the dental surgeon how much they’ll charge for the surgery. It’s also your right to ask how much the dental implants themselves will cost per tooth. There may be other related expenses such as the professional fee of the dental surgeon and cost of further consultations.

7. Understand The Post-Surgery Treatment 

It’s always important to have a plan for post-surgery treatment. Aside from oral antibiotics, you may be required to take over-the-counter painkillers. For sustenance, you may have to be put on a soft-food diet while your mouth heals. Your dentist may also tell you not to lift anything heavy while you are recuperating, since the exertion may make the surgery site bleed.

8. Ask If You Need To Do Follow-Up Visits

After you’ve been confined at home sufficiently, it’ll be necessary to visit the dental surgeon again. They’ll examine the surgery site and inform you if everything’s healing nicely. They may recommend further recuperation, if necessary. If you noticed anything strange, such as more pain in the site or signs of bleeding, you need to bring that up with them as well.

Final Takeaway

Dental implants were invented so that people like you can smile, eat and speak correctly. Yes, it’s hard when you lose your teeth due to tooth decay, malnutrition, or even figuring in a fistfight. Luckily, dental science has progressed to the point that even lost teeth can be replaced, with great results. You’ll regain your confident attitude since you know your dental implants are both nice-looking and set firmly in place within your mouth.


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