8 Jobs in Health Administration for Leaders Who Want to Drive Change

Updated on April 27, 2020

Healthcare Administration is a field that applies business administration, medical knowledge, and health policy in the management of a private or public health facility. Most people only know of hospital administration roles within this industry. But there are several jobs that one can do with a degree in public health.

Not only are these roles well paid but they can also be emotionally rewarding. Additionally, the ability to treat diseases can make a huge impact in the lives of others. 

Are you interested in making a big impact on the world? Read on for 8 jobs in health administration that can help you change the healthcare industry.

1. Clinic Administrators

This is one of the top healthcare administration jobs. A clinic provides outpatients with specialist medical advice or treatment. Clinics tend to be privately owned and are less bureaucratic than hospitals. 

A clinic administrator would have responsibility for the success of your clinic. Daily responsibilities would include supervising and training employees. Also, hiring and firing staff, scheduling staff and conducting staff meetings. 

Clinic Administrators must also ensure that their clinic is profitable. They do this by providing great customer care as well as marketing the facility. Administrators would also oversee the monitoring and cutting of operating expenses.

Innovative clinic administrators can influence public health policy if they are considered industry experts. This is great for the population if they have their best interests in mind.

2. Nursing Home 

There is an increasing number of nursing homes accommodating the elderly. Nowadays, humans are living longer and sometimes we need nursing care in our old age. Administrators with degrees in public health are managing nursing homes more every day.

A lot of nursing home residents have complicated health issues. This means that only skilled medics can handle them. Having deep knowledge of the healthcare industry enables administrators to run such facilities.

Nursing home administrators must ensure their facility is profitable. At the same time, they must also ensure the health and safety of residents and employees. They also manage employees and keep an adequate supply of medical supplies. 

3. Public Health Administrator

The US Department of Public Health and Human Services manages the health and wellbeing of Americans. This department is home to public health administrators. 

Public Health Administrators create healthcare policies to keep the general public safe. This is a very prestigious role. Administrators working for the government sometimes end up influencing the health care industry.

This doesn’t just apply to America but around the world as well. Administrators have responsibility for a department whereby they manage staff, facilities, and finances. 

4. Health Information Manager

Information technology is transforming how all industries do business, including healthcare. Health information managers are responsible for the optimal collection and organization. They also handle the protection and distribution of patient information records.

Properly managed patient data increases the quality of care that patients receive. Besides a degree in public health, these health administration jobs need IT Knowledge. Health information managers work with IT managers to come up with software that meets data protection laws. 

5. Consultant Healthcare Administrator

Consultants work in all industries. It is one of the most popular jobs in health administration. A consultant healthcare administrator helps healthcare facilities overcome their administration challenges.

Consultants come up with management systems to increase the efficiency of a facility. As an outsider, a consultant often has an objective view of an organization. This helps craft innovative solutions and ideas that inhouse administrators may not consider. 

Consultants solve problems facing healthcare organizations. So they must know the latest industry developments. One way of doing this would be to visit a websites for health leaders.

6. Home Health Care Administrator

Careers in healthcare administration also extend to patients that need home care. Home health care administrators set up and manage systems for providing healthcare to patients at home. Some of their daily responsibilities include supervising and scheduling medical personnel.

Home healthcare administrators must also plan the logistics of getting staff to client homes. They oversee the distribution and storage of medical supplies and equipment. This ensures that patients and employees never run out of critical supplies. 

7. Health Care Program Director

Healthcare administration careers can extend beyond the hospital to areas such as education. Within a university, a health care program director oversees the faculty of medicine. They manage all the employees and students within their department.

Additionally, healthcare program directors maintain the quality of education and learning. These coordinators come up with timely and relevant course curriculums. These would attract students to the University.

8. Social Welfare Administrator 

Social welfare administrators manage the activities of a community outreach organization.Within an NGO (Nongovernmental organization), a welfare administrator is also called a program director. The administrators create projects that enhance the health of a target community. 

Social welfare administrators work for organizations such as the US social services. They also work for NGOs, such as AMREF or the Bill Gates Foundation. These organizations have been working hard to get rid of diseases such as malaria or polio. It can be very rewarding work if you intend to make a positive impact on the lives of many people. 

Looking to Apply for Jobs in Health Administration?

Getting a degree in public health can be a ticket to a world of possibilities. If you want to make a positive difference in the world, there are several jobs in health administration. These career roles are essential parts of providing quality healthcare.

You could make a good living while making a great difference in other people’s lives. Research and try out different positions until you find the right one for you. Creating a positive impact on people’s lives is well worth the search for the perfect career role.

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