8 amazing health benefits of Karela


Most of us relate Karela with the sour taste it leaves behind in our mouths. However, over the years, various studies have shown that the health benefits Karela has to offer are literally incomparable to any other food product.

Here are eight such Karela benefits that this superfood provides:

1.    Malnutrition

Bitter gourd is a rich source of several vitamins and minerals. It contains essential minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium and also vital vitamins like A and C. It beats spinach, a food often considered to provide huge amounts of calcium, in its calcium content. Along with these minerals it also contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties. All these properties of Karela add up and turn it into a heavenly treat of nutrients.


2.   Diabetes

Diabetes is so greatly observed in the population that people have accepted it as a lifestyle. Stats reveal that almost every 1 person in 11 people suffers from diabetes. It is important that you crush diabetes before its onset or in the early stages or it will lead to a lot of health complications.

Karela is a must in the diet of diabetics. It contains anti-diabetic properties and its contents help in reducing the blood sugar levels to a great extent. Plus, Karela also helps in regulating the metabolism and thus, prevents irregular changes in the insulin levels in our body.

3.    Obesity

Reducing excess weight is essential if you want to stay in shape and avoid unnecessary diseases. However, this activity is easier said than done. Ask anyone who is trying to reduce their weight and you will hear an hour of rant of how it’s reducing at a snail’s pace even after a strict diet.

While exercise is a must, there is one thing you can add to your routine in order to facilitate weight loss- Karela. It is low in carbohydrates, fat and calories, thus making weight management easy as your urge of eating at regular intervals is quelled to a certain extent. It also stimulates the liver for production of acids that boost metabolism in our body.

4. Dull skin and damaged hair

A healthy skin is one of the best indicators of a healthy body. We apply a lot of products and consume various supplements daily just to keep our skin healthy. However, this can all be done naturally just by consuming Karela. It is rich in antioxidants like vitamin A and C – essentials for healthy skin. Karela has anti-ageing properties and reduces skin blemishes while also combating acne. It is also a great contributor in fighting skin diseases like ringworm, psoriasis, and itching.

Not only for the skin, but Karela is also good for your hair. It makes the hair lustrous and reduces bothersome problems like dandruff, hair loss and split-ends. 

5. Cancer

Just the word cancer is enough to raise the hair on our backs. It is perhaps one of the most feared diseases due to the extreme pain it carries along with it. Karela is one of the very few natural remedies that can help fight this frightening disease. It works against the proliferation of cancer cells and prevents tumours from forming inside our body. If you consume Karela regularly, the risk of suffering from breast, prostate or colon cancer reduces significantly.

6.    Low Stamina

The more energetic you are, the more productive you will be. However, due to the tremendous stress levels that one suffers in this competitive world impact the energy levels of our body. Consuming Karela helps reduce common problems like stress and anxiety and alleviates energy in our system.

7.   Poor eyesight

A lot of us are suffering from dark circles. All that late night binging had to have some effect! Dark circles aren’t a pleasant sight for anyone. Here’s your rescue – Karela. It can reduce those unwanted dark circles under your eyes and remove any proof of your late night binge sessions. It contains vitamin A that can help in prevention of cataract and also contribute to strengthening vision.

8.  Blood Purification

Kerala is rich in antioxidants. It helps get rid of various toxins in our body that corrupts the blood and overtime, cause various diseases. Also, regular consumption of Karela will help improve the general blood circulation of your body which in turn will result in clearer skin and help combat cancerous cells.

 The benefits of consuming Karela defeat its bitter taste with a great margin. So without any further ado, include Karela in your regular diet and don’t forget to drop comments about how it benefited your lifestyle.  

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