7 Ways to Administer CBD to Your Cat

Updated on October 1, 2021

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has grown in popularity over the past several years, and is now considered one of the best supplements. This non-psychoactive form of cannabis is usually extracted from industrial hemp plants, and it contains high amounts of CBD with very minimal(sometimes zero) THC content, ensuring your pet won’t get high. 

There are tons of human products that contain this cannabinoid since it helps treat various ailments such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, nausea/vomiting, seizures/epilepsy, etc. Now, there are even some FDA-approved pet products containing CBD cats.

CBD can stimulate cellular growth, which could be beneficial for arthritis or other joint conditions. It may reduce inflammation and relieve pain, which could benefit animals with chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. CBD can also calm and relax your pet which may help with stress and anxiety.

7 Ways to Administer CBD to Your Cat

1. CBD Oil

CBD oils are a popular way to give your pet, be it cat or dog, their necessary dose of cannabinoids. In some cases, you can simply add the desired amount of oil to your cat’s food, and they’ll get all the help they need without issue. 

Oils are one of the most favored and popular ways for pet owners who wish to administer CBD for cats as they’re easiest to administer even to cats that are picky eaters.  

2. Topically

CBD has been noted to have anti-inflammatory properties, which would make it an excellent choice for topical treatments. Many people (and probably your pet) would rather avoid ingesting anything when it comes to medication, so an easy solution like CBD topicals may be very appealing. 

3. Tinctures/Sprays

If you want to give your cat its dose in a discreet manner, tinctures or sprays may be for you. Many different brands carry these products that allow you to administer CBD without forcing your pet to eat any food they aren’t interested in. 

Plus, the effects only last for several hours instead of all day or night like oils do; this means if your pet needs something for anxiety at night before bed, tinctures or sprays make excellent options. 

4. Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are another option for pets that need CBD but don’t want to ingest it. These come in all sorts of different dosages and can be applied anywhere on your pet’s body, including the inside of their ears or even between their toes. 

5. Creams/Ointments

If you want something that will provide more localized relief, using a cream or ointment may do the trick. There aren’t many products specifically designed for cats, but if you know which ailment your cat needs treatment for—inflammation, arthritis, etc., you may be able to determine which form of CBD is ideal. 

6. Edibles

This one sounds like something you can do at home, but it’s much easier than making your edibles with CBD oil! Plenty of companies make treats infused with cannabinoids; they taste great, and you can give them to your cat or dog whenever they need it. 

Nonetheless, you must have in mind that the effects will be somewhat delayed (30-60 minutes), so these are best suited for quick-acting ailments like arthritis pain or anxiety instead of chronic conditions that require consistent doses throughout the day. 

7. Suppositories/Capsules

Lastly, suppositories and capsules may be an effective way to get your pet medicated if they have issues moving around and would rather not eat or drink anything. You can open the capsule and blend the contents into your pet’s food if they cannot swallow capsules.

Pet owners, in general, prefer CBD oils and edibles as they allow them to administer CBD to even the pickets and fussy cats. 

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