7 Ways Tech is Helping the Healthcare Industry

Updated on March 9, 2021

With the advancement of technology, it should come as no surprise that the healthcare industry has greatly benefited from the introduction of improved processes. These improvements allow us to better monitor our health and form an easier connection with our healthcare providers. Through this modernized approach to healthcare, we are able to create even more progress. As we look at the changes over the last few years, here are some ways that technology has helped improve the healthcare industry. 

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  1. Virtual databases

File folders are nearly a thing of the past. Health records are now being uploaded to computer software and sometimes even online databases. This allows convenience and better organization within an office setting. In some cases, it even allows patients to access their health records and information without requesting a physical copy. Patients are able to access their information and test results from their mobile devices. 

  1. Less medical errors

The internet provides us with endless knowledge. It also allows us to store information and maintain records. It is easier to avoid medication mix-ups at the pharmacy with the use of the internet. Patients are able to monitor their prescriptions and research the effects online. Technology helps to ensure accuracy with medications and diagnoses. And let’s not forget: you can now even have your prescriptions delivered to your doorstep. 

  1. Medical trend predictions

With more information available through online search trends on medical websites, search engines are able to monitor trends based on the symptoms or illnesses that people are self-diagnosing. By monitoring trends in searches on healthcare websites, healthcare providers can prepare themselves for an uptick in various illnesses. 

  1. Background checks

Through background checks, your healthcare provider and insurance are able to access information regarding your past experiences. For example, a Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) check. But what is a MVR check? These checks can provide your insurance company with information regarding motor vehicle accidents. As a result, it can help avoid insurance hikes by monitoring changes to the physical damages report. 

  1. Accessibility to appointments

With the pandemic, virtual doctor appointments are more and more accessible. By being able to video chat with your doctor, you are able to access medical opinions and advice easier compared to in-office visits. You are now able to receive medical advice through virtual appointments on-the-go when you are away from home. 

  1. Testing and image improvements

As healthcare technology has improved, the quality of images from X-rays or Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI) provides a more precise image of the anatomical structure in question. This allows for early detection and increased accuracy with diagnoses. Additionally, with these improved technologies, the test results are not only more accurate, but they are quicker. Patients are able to receive their test results earlier than ever. 

  1. At-home monitoring

When it comes to elderly patients, technology has allowed families to feel confident about allowing their elderly parents to live on their own. At-home care or nursing homes are no longer the only options for aging patients. With at-home monitoring and home safety systems, the elderly can feel prepared and protected in case of an emergency. 

Additionally, through the popularity of smartwatch technologies, smartwatch wearers are able to monitor their heart rate, fitness, and blood oxygen levels from their wrists. This allows the wearer to monitor changes to their vitals and alert their doctor if any major changes occur to their health. This can help to save lives. 

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When it comes to the healthcare industry, technology has been a friend. Healthcare and health records have become more accessible through the use of these new and improved methods. As technology keeps growing, it is impossible to predict how technology will continue to change over the coming years. However, if the present is any representation of the power of technology, it feels safe to say that technology will continue to improve the healthcare industry in the years to come. 

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