How Advanced Technology can Help Modernize and Improve Patient and Provider Experiences and the Healthcare Industry

Updated on September 17, 2023

COVID-19 has revolutionized the way in which almost any business interacts with employees and customers- the healthcare industry is no exception. Between the massive uptick in telehealth use from patients, an increased demand for seamless digital experiences, and innovative software solutions for streamlining business logistics – advanced technology has played a huge role in the modernization of the healthcare industry. 

As digital natives mature into an even larger segment of the consumer population, there is no doubt that the infusion of technology in the healthcare industry will continue. This reality makes it crucial for healthcare organizations to invest in advanced technology like mobile applications, streamlined systems and online patient portals to create better provider and patient experiences. 

Soon, booking a doctor’s appointment will be as simple as making a dinner reservation through OpenDoor. Here are a few ways technology will continue to shape healthcare businesses and patient and provider experiences in the years to come for healthcare. 

Leveraging Technology to Create Seamless Digital Experiences

With everything at the tip of our fingers, it is no wonder patients have an appetite for seamless digital experiences. In fact, a 2019 study  found that nearly half of patients expressed frustration with their current provider’s digital administration processes, including appointment scheduling, online bill payments, and access to insurance information. Imagine how much that number has increased amid COVID 19 with in-person appointments shifting toward a digital-first approach. 

Fortunately, there are existing companies, like Devbridge, which specialize in creating seamless digital experiences through the development of custom platforms and solutions for businesses in the healthcare industry. Tech providers, like this one, can help with things like creating user-friendly platform and interfaces for patients and providers, streamlining workflows for practice managers, and layering analytics on top of patient data for improved outcomes.

Streamlining and Protecting Patient Information through Technology

The healthcare industry faces extreme regulatory challenges and patient information tends to be a hot ticket item for hackers. Protecting patient privacy and complying with this rigid regulatory landscape are both items that can be addressed and alleviated for healthcare businesses through advanced technology. 

Cloud services providers, like BIAS Corp, exist to create custom solutions to address the growing challenges of data integrity and patient privacy while simultaneously adhering to the increasingly strict federal regulatory compliance mandates, and overall industry changes that impact healthcare delivery, payment, product development and the overall patient experience. Enlisting the assistance of an organization, like BIAS, provides healthcare organizations with a resource that can ensure all data is protected and compliant. 

Enhance Clinical and Operational Decision-Making With Smart Analytics

Not only does healthcare technology harness the ability to streamline and protect data and enhance the user experience, it also can house all data and information in one place to enable leadership to make smarter business and operational decisions. Evaluating patient trends through accurate and updated data from multiple sources, be it the patient, the provider or insurance companies, organizations in the healthcare industry can take advantage of smarter forecasting, more accurate patient information at large to inform strategic planning.  

The Takeaway

Technology and healthcare go hand and hand and the trend is not going anywhere soon. By leveraging advanced technology solutions to enhance customer experiences, protect patient data and data to inform strategic business decisions, healthcare organizations can get ahead of the curve and modernize their digital experiences. 

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