7 Study Tips for Practicing Nurses Trying To Upskill

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Are you willing to level up your nursing practice with higher education but concerned about the associated academic and practical challenges that tag along? Buck up because we are here to help you make the upskilling process easier for you. 


The lives of registered nurses are marked with enough personal and professional barricades that repel any new opportunities. Working selflessly to help patients embark on their road to recovery, meeting deadlines, dealing with difficult patients, and managing personal life are some challenges. Continuing education alongside these challenges may make studying difficult. However, you can take this insurmountable challenge head-on with a few effective study techniques.

Successful academic life is all about thoughtful planning, time management, and a few effective study tips. Thus, you can also reach all your career milestones with effective studying, and of course, a few effective study tips. If you are ready to take this challenging plunge, we can ease your journey with a few helpful tips for studying effectively. Let’s dive in!

Choose an online study program

Good time management is a smart way to juggle your personal, academic, and professional responsibilities. And nothing can make managing your time more efficient than an online study program. 

Online learning is not only the new trend in the education sector worldwide, but it also provides students with flexible class schedules. Moreover, it lifts off students all the challenges associated with campus-based learning. Thus, you can choose an accredited online RN to BSN program and take your nursing practice to the next level. This way, you can acquire specialized skills at your own pace to enhance your nursing practice. 

Learn a little every day

Your mind can’t take in a month’s worth of study or all the coursework a few hours ahead of an assessment. Even if you manage to cram loads of information, it will soon fade away. Thus, break your old habits and commit to spending a few hours on your studies daily. 

Learning a little daily will make your back-breaking nursing studies less overwhelming and taxing. This way, your mind will not only retain the information better, but you will also be able to bring some of the skills you learn into your daily practice. This practice will also help you stay stress-free and fend off any ill-health symptoms in the long run.  

Engage in group study

When students study in groups, they can catch up on many different concepts that may seem difficult to understand when studying independently. Constructive student-student interactions help enhance academic outcomes, enhance socialization, and promote the healthy development of students. Moreover, students in a study group support each other in their ups and downs and get through nursing school successfully. 

Thus, you are at a disadvantage if you haven’t yet considered engaging in a group study. You can also engage in online group studies through various online platforms like Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom

Skim-scan the coursework 

Let’s face it, with all the tasks at hand, a registered nurse won’t have time to read lots of books from the first till the last page. A simple technique to start studying and finishing towering piles of medical books is skimming. Skimming and scanning the text to find the most important concepts can help you cover the coursework more efficiently. 

However, if you try to learn everything on your first go, you will only end up with less time and more coursework to cover. Thus, you can avoid all the hassles by skim-reading the material first and highlighting the most important points. Later, you can learn the marked headings, subheadings, and review questions with much less effort. 

Cut yourself some slack

Nursing studies are undoubtedly tough. It is crucial to reward yourself for every achievement, be it a good test score or simply performing great at clinical work. Rewards work as reinforcers that help make your desired behaviors last for a long time. Thus, treat yourself to a nice meal or something that may work for you as a reinforcer whenever you achieve something instead of tearing yourself down for unsatisfactory results. 

This also includes taking care of your health by taking time off from studies whenever you find yourself too overwhelmed. Be sure to maintain a good sleep schedule, limit your caffeine intake, and connect with your loved ones. With social support and a healthy lifestyle, your academic life will feel like a breeze of fresh air. 

Follow a study strategy that aligns with your learning style

It is crucial to determine how you learn more effectively. For example, identify whether you are an early bird or a night owl. If you are not an early riser, there is no point in believing you can study in the morning. Instead, you are more likely to hit the snooze button repeatedly. Determine the time of the day at which you feel most productive and plan your schedule accordingly.

Also, you must identify your learning style and incorporate it into your learning strategy. There are four commonly known learning styles. Some people are visual learners, some are auditory learners, many are reading and writing learners, and others are kinesthetic learners. So, identify your learning style and dive headfirst. 

Adopt healthy study habits

Incorporating a few healthy habits will help you improve your learning process. These include:

  • Switch off your phone or put it on DND during your designated study time.
  • Try a stress-reduction technique like meditation.
  • Natural scents like lavender oil help enhance concentration, so use an aromatic oil diffuser.
  • Study in different locations to retain more information while studying. 
  • Ask your family and friends to avoid contacting you during your study hours. 


Upskilling your nursing practice in a challenging work environment feels like fighting an uphill battle. However, if you are willing to take this great leap in your career, this article has some tips to strike the right balance between work and study. Begin by opting for a distance learning course, as that will help you set the correct pace to accomplish the rest of your goals.

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