7 Possible Treatments for Birth Injuries

Updated on May 25, 2022
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The most serene feeling in the world is getting blessed with a child. It is one of the best additions one can ever have to their life. The feeling aggravates when the baby is healthy and active. However, the children born with birth injuries do not enjoy the same living as other kids. As a parent or a sibling to such kids, you may get saddened by their health status. To prevent your kids from suffering the effects of birth injuries, experts devise some treatments. These treatments may prove quite fruitful for your kid’s mental and physical health. It may be a way to get them treated properly and reduce your stress levels.  

Below is a brief account of common treatments for birth injuries.

Surgical Treatment

The nerves and skull of a child may be damaged during the birth process while passing through the birth canal. It can lead to problems like brachial plexus. The damage usually is mild and heals with time. However, in severe cases, surgery is the only option to counter the damages caused to the newborn. The surgery generally is carried out to repair the nerves and a fractured skull. If left untreated, the injury may cause hemorrhage or hematoma risking the baby’s life. So, doctors recommend immediate surgery to remove blood clots harmful to the individual.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the most common treatments for birth-related injury. Erb’s palsy and Cerebral palsy are two known disorders treated with physical therapy. Another way is to get legal help from expert institutes working on curing birth injuries. Physical therapy is needed when brachial plexus nerves get damaged. It may lead to lifelong weakness, loss of sensation, and paralysis of limbs. Plus, impaired muscle movement also calls for physical therapy treatment. It aids the patient in developing muscle coordination, strength, and flexibility. Sometimes this treatment alone subsides the paralytic condition of body muscles. If you see such problems in your child or any adult family member, you must seek medical help at the earliest.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy refers to the training in basic and routine activities that are difficult for people with a birth injury. Such activities include brushing teeth and hair, using the bathroom, getting on and off the school bus, etc. It helps these people to learn and perform daily activities on their own, indulging a sense of independence. Children born with birth injuries face severe emotional and behavioral changes. Such individuals require cognitive behavioral therapy to help them manage their emotions. By doing so, these individuals can interact with people around without hesitation. It becomes easier for them to share their feelings with their peers confidently.  


Medication is another method to combat birth injuries. Still, it only works to suppress the symptoms of the problem. It is not a long-term cure to the real issue but is just an attempt to overcome its symptoms. There is a wide range of medications administered to reduce the symptoms of the disorders. For instance, painkillers, Botox, anti-seizure drugs, etc. Painkillers to fight muscle spasms and tight muscles due to cerebral palsy. Anti-seizure medicines help to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizure attacks. In addition, Botox paralyzes the weak muscles to give them time to regenerate. Nevertheless, medication is not a permanent treatment to eradicate birth injuries. Hence, for lasting benefits, you should consider other treatments.


Oxygen deprivation immediately after birth can affect the brain of the child. For such infants, hypothermia acts as a savior. It is a treatment in which the newborn’s body cools down to about 92 degrees with specialized equipment. This therapy continues for three days with the administration of anti-shivering agents. It is a 100% successful treatment when carried out soon after birth. It can revert oxygen deprivation fully in such cases. Reports have suggested it as the best treatment for babies with developmental disabilities due to oxygen deprivation at birth.

Nutrition Therapy

Some children with birth injuries lack balanced nutrition in their diet. The reasons for improper diet can be impaired motor functions, inability to chew, recurring infections, and poor appetite. These children require nutrients like all other human beings, so a proper diet plan must be there. Many diet schedules are available in the market. Yet, several hospitals, healthcare centers, research programs, and specialized institutes work day and night to provide welfare to such people. Dietary foods involving high quantities of calcium, magnesium, copper, and vitamin C are preferable. By following a strict diet pattern, the body will have all the required nutrients. It will aid the therapy, and treatment will also work more efficiently.   

Alternative Treatment

In addition to typical therapies, some alternative therapies can also boost the treatment process. Such alternatives include acupressure, massage, exercise, keeping pets, music and art therapy, etc. It will help your child improve more with other treatments combined. It can assist in achieving complete normality at a fast pace.  

Wrap Up

You may be the lucky parents to get a child without any birth injury. However, if nature gives you a child with impaired body functions, you should start working on the well-being of such an individual as soon as possible. Therapies such as surgery, proper diet, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hypothermia, and medication can play a pivotal role in attaining health earlier. Alongside, you must keep your child or any other sufferer engaged in daily life activities. It will generate a sense of love and care on your part for them. The happier they are, the easier it will become to achieve health. Moreover, the people with birth injuries are differently-abled persons rather than disabled individuals. This thought will ultimately help you explore the abilities they possess.          

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