7 Life-Changing Benefits from CBD

Updated on December 28, 2019

Who would have ever thought that a derivative from the marijuana plant could have a huge positive impact on your health?

CBD is a component of marijuana, but it is not responsible for most of the negative effects that come from smoking the drug. THC, another chemical in marijuana, is the part of the substance that is hallucinogenic, or gets you “high.” 

CBD can now be extracted from traditional marijuana and consumed separately. Researchers have been looking at CBD and are finding many potential uses for it. Other businesses, like CBD Flower USA, are making CBD products available to the people. Here are just 7 of the many things it can do for human health.

#1 Can help with Epilepsy

Certain forms of children’s epilepsy, most notably Dravet’s Syndrome, are treated with CBD. Patients with Dravet’s Syndrome, after taking CBD, have seen the number of seizures they experience plummet down to 0. 

Unfortunately, CBD does not have as strong an effect on adults with epilepsy. There are some, however, that see their epileptic episodes decrease after the use of CBD.

#2 Reduces Anxiety

CBD has proven to be a much less dangerous option for treating anxiety and depression. Some medicines for anxiety, like benzodiazepines, have been shown to cause severe negative effects in patients. CBD, however, can still relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression without risking adverse effects.

The available research into CBD and its capacity to remedy anxiety is about the physical aspects of the condition. The usage of CBD relaxes muscular tension and can alleviate general fatigue. 

Studies have also shown that it can also help individuals with insomnia fall asleep easier. CBD provides the user with an enhanced state of homeostasis, or balance, which can induce sleep.

#3 Alleviates symptoms of Cancer Treatment

People with cancer can sometimes have a grueling experience while undergoing the treatment process. It is not uncommon for patients to have nausea, vomiting, and severe pain from chemotherapy. Thankfully, the use of CBD can lessen the frequency of all these events. 

One study involved a patient undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer who experienced consistent nausea. She received a dosage of high CBD-concentrated marijuana, and nausea dissipated. 

#4 Reduces Pain from Arthritis

Due to the muscle-relaxing power of CBD, it is now seen as a method to help soothe pain from arthritis. As of today, Sativex is the one drug that uses CBD as an ingredient. There was a case where Sativex was proven to help lower the pain from arthritis. It is not a complete cure for the disease, but it certainly lowers the negative effects. If used in conjunction with another remedy, CBD can work wonders.

#5 Fights Diabetes

One of CBD’s more surprising qualities is that it may defend the immune system against diabetes. Much of the research that has been conducted with CBD used rats as test subjects. They have proven that the implementation of cannabinoid reduced the number of rats with diabetes by 56%. Seeing as 9.4% of the nation’s population suffers from diabetes, this is one of CBD’s most valuable capabilities.

#6 Helps fight addiction

In recent years, we have seen many innovations in the effort to wane addicts off of drug dependence. As it turns out, CBD can help people quit addictions to opioids and cocaine. There isn’t that much research, but some also point at it is useful to help people quit marijuana and cigarettes too.

#7 Is not addictive

None of the research conducted with CBD has shown any subject to become addicted to the substance. The rise in popularity of Juul is just one example of this. This is especially important because the risk of becoming dependent on a prescribed drug is becoming more and more prevalent. Not just CBD, but natural products, in general, are becoming more popular to deal with this problem.

The research about CBD is still ongoing. There are, however, several drugs that are in development that use the powerful effects of Cannabidiol. The use of CBD is legal, with some states having different regulations against it. Some legislatures are arguing whether or not to tread CBD as marijuana. As of now, hemp and oil products have been growing in popularity as methods to ingest CBD.

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