7 Health and Lifestyle Secrets of Australians to Stay Fit

Updated on October 22, 2019

How do Australians always look like the picture of health? It’s not just good genes that make Australians healthy; their fitness habits and lifestyle also play a huge role!

So what are the 7 Australian secrets of staying in good health and shape?

Australia Map

1. They Take Advantage of Nature

Australia is full of beautiful places, which have tons of scenic beauty. Luckily, these provide a clean and healthy environment for Australians to thrive in! Not only that, but the nature trails also provide great arcades to work out in.

Think of it as nature’s playground – there are tons of ways to make the most of the natural beauty and goodness around them.

2. They Have Great Health Insurance

Australians are known as health conscious people. Besides taking care of themselves with good health habits, they also invest in amazing health insurance plans. 

Luckily for them, Australian insurance works differently and covers health benefits quite extensively. By investing in a solid back up, Australians ensure their health stays at its best.

3. They Consume Fresh Produce

Home to great food, Australia has rich produce and fresh seafood, which make up quite a large portion of an average Australian’s diet. Because they eat food that is rich in essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients, they remain healthy.

When it comes to grocery shopping, it was observed that Australians opt for fresh produce and healthy meats instead of food that is high in sugar, salt and other unnecessary ingredients.

4. They’re into Water Sports

Lucky for Australians, they’re blessed with some of the best beaches in the world – and the whole continent is surrounded by the sea!

Some of the most popular recreational activities in Australia are water sports like surf boarding, which require great core strength and stamina – in other words, Australians opt for fitness based activities even for recreation! That’s dedication!

5. They Exercise With a Purpose

Fitness and exercise have also seen many fads come and go and many trends fail or succeed. However, Australians work differently, they don’t fall prey to trends and rather choose to exercise with a purpose.

The idea of exercise and fitness is to build more muscle, cut down fat and increase the body’s vitality – by sticking to their usual regimes and cutting calories through the usual sports and fitness programs, they’re able to sustain a great lifestyle of fitness.

6. They Choose Water Over Other Drinks

Australians choose water over other drinks because they’re aware of how much danger a can of coke can pack in just 200mls!

Usually, Australians spruce their water using raw vegetable and/or fruit slivers to add some taste – after all, the human body is more than 2/3rds water!

7. Australia Provides Its People with a Healthy Environment

There’s no denying how a country’s stability, availability of resources, natural environment, air quality and other factors determine how well the citizens do. According to the UN’s Human Development Report, Australians are quite lucky!

They live in a country with great climate, stable politics, tons of natural resources and an egalitarian society – being happy also means to be healthy.

Amazing, isn’t it? Even though you may not have the abundance of resources Australia does, you can definitely improve your health and fitness by making better food and exercise decisions.

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