7 Essential Rules to Follow Before Throwing A Vape-friendly Party

Updated on February 8, 2022
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Are you planning to host a vape-friendly party? Organizing a successful party is more than having suitable vaping devices. However, you should provide a conducive environment for your visitors to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

The idea of having a vape event is finding its way up the list as one of the popular leisure activities. This is because many people embrace vaping, and it’s trendy among the youths.

If you are hosting a vape-friendly party with your friends but are not sure how to go about it, here are the seven rules to follow for a successful event. 

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Choose A Suitable Venue

If you are expecting a large number of people, always ensure there’s plenty of well-ventilated space. Finding ideal outdoor and indoor settings should be your first consideration when picking a vape-friendly venue to avoid overcrowding in one area.

For additional space, you can use: 

  • The kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Swimming pool area
  • The back porch

You can imagine several people vaping different qualities of juice flavors, each blowing a good amount of cloud. However, not all products have the same quality. So, to avoid a stinky cluttered environment, buy top quality of juice online for your guests.

In addition, when choosing an outdoor setting, be extra careful not to invade your neighbor’s space. Ensure that your music volume is not too loud and the guests only party at the designated place.

Prepare for First Time Vapers

Some people may want to try vaping, seeing how much fun their friends have. Getting prepared to direct first-time users is essential to ensure they are not misguided by experienced users. 

You should provide vape gadgets that are newbie-friendly for easy to use. Also, you must ensure they are safe by offering to guide them on the appropriate dosage to avoid overdosing, which could ruin their first vaping experience.

Set A Designated Serving Point

It can get messy when hosting a crowd. Therefore, you should designate a serving station for refilling and repairs, minimizing spills or vape rings mishandling. Your serving point should have a washcloth, hand towels, cotton swabs, cleaning solutions, and paper towels.

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Include Entertainment and Games

There is no doubt vaping is fun, but spicing things up with other forms of entertainment is an excellent way to keep your guests engaged. You can indulge in strategy games, card games, video games, or board games. Such games help people relax before the party mood takes over.

Inviting a DJ for entertaining music and dancing competitions are great ways to make the party lively. You can even make it more fun by awarding the winners vape accessories. If you are not on a tight budget, include more safe entertainment options for an exquisite event. 

Have The Right Snacks and Drinks

Always include a wide range of snacks in your party to ensure people have the right energy to stay longer. You don’t have to cook since you can order simple bites such as pizza from your local restaurant. Pair the right snack with the right e-juice flavor since different guests may prefer a distinct combination. A tray of cookies, brownies, and cakes will be a good match with a chocolate-flavored e-juice.

Ensure you have plenty of water, alcohol, flavored coffee, and carbonated beverages for refreshments. Consider buying affordable drinks if you don’t have enough funds. Alternatively, you can request your friends to bring their drinks to save on cost.

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Provide Accessories and Power

You should have extra accessories such as chargers, batteries, atomizers, coils, and wicks. Supplying materials such as wicks enable the guests to change their flavors easily. This will help maintain cleanliness and ensure that vapers experiment with various combinations without compromising the taste. 

It is also wise to have several power outlets within the venue for charging vape devices since people might vape vigorously, considering they will stay for long. However, you need to have power backup plans. That means having extra chargers and batteries to avoid interfering with the vaping.

Have Variety of Vape Juice Flavors

When planning a party, ensure you have different e-juice flavors for your guests. Choose e-juice with different aromas such as fruity, alcoholic, or minty. This will allow the vapers to try new flavors and mix various combinations they might have never noticed. You never know. It might turn out to be their favorite mix. Including new juices in a vaping-friendly party is an excellent way to keep your guests thrilled.


A vaping party without the proper planning can be tedious, but you can make it fun by creating the right environment for your guest. Have a good knowledge of your attendees to determine the specific rules and standards you should maintain. With the above seven rules, it will be easy for you to plan an epic party if you have never planned one before; just remember to follow each rule to the letter.

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