6 Ways Healthcare Professionals Can Use Technology to Better Support Patients

Updated on September 6, 2023

There’s no doubt that technology has revolutionized the way the healthcare industry operates, whether for large corporations or individual healthcare services. Technology can also help for better-personalized patient care and helping to support patients in looking after their own health in a better way. 

Be More Flexible About How You Offer Appointments 

If you run a healthcare service or business, technology allows you to have more freedom about how you would like to offer a service. If you’d like to avoid providing in-person-only appointments, then you could offer online consultations through chat or video chat, for example, or even telephone consultations. Technology enables you to do that more easily and connect with your patients in a more flexible way. This also benefits them and makes it more likely that they can keep on top of their healthcare appointments. 

Keep Better Records

Maintaining a thorough patient record is key, and technology helps to eliminate paper files and records as well as a mountain of paperwork. You may need to keep paper copies as backups or perhaps even as legal requirements, but a virtual filing system using technology will help you to store and maintain patient records in a more organized way. 

Secure and Protect Patient Records

When keeping records through technology and online means, as discussed in the previous point, security is key. Technology not only allows you to better keep records, but it also allows you to protect them. Technology advancements like anti-virus, password protection, and other cyber-security must-haves mean that you can always lock down your patient records and ensure that only the right people can access them. 

Encourage Patients to Better Manage Their Own Healthcare

Technology has made it infinitely easier for people to manage their own lifestyle, and that includes healthcare services. Patients who aren’t overly familiar with technology can be encouraged to get to grips with technology and the online world to better maintain their health. This could be through booking appointments online, doing research online into health issues or researching the best health insurance policies, and managing healthcare accounts online. Patients who are questioning what does medicare cover and other related healthcare services can more easily find this out online through technology.

Access Patient Information More Easily 

If there’s a key piece of information regarding your patient’s health history or treatment that you need to find, this can be time-consuming if you’re working through paper files only. With technology and virtual file-storing, you can bring up any piece of information you need in an instant. 

This can help for patient consultations to run more smoothly if you need information during a discussion and will also save you time overall. 

Help Patients to Monitor Conditions 

Technology makes it much easier to keep on top of healthcare conditions if it’s a condition that requires tracking, such as blood sugar levels with diabetes. There may be specific healthcare apps that you can use. You may even want to develop one yourself. Even simply using technology like quick notes on a phone can help keep track of what you need to be aware of. 

These are just six ways that technology can help the improved support of healthcare patients.

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