6 Tips for Back Pain After an Accident

Updated on September 13, 2021


Any kind of car crash, no matter how minor, has the potential to harm the back or spine. In a high-impact collision, the back absorbs most of the pressure and force exerted by the crash. Even minor injuries to the back can cause discomfort. Back strains and spine trauma account for about 30% of the traffic crash injuries seen in emergency rooms each year. 

Neck injury or whiplash is a common term for the jerking action during a car accident and can result in various spinal injuries. Simply put, the spine was not built to withstand the pressures of a high-speed collision. 

What Is Causing Your Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Ever wonder what causes stomach pain after car accidents or even back pain? Diagnosing the cause of your back pain is the first step to recovery. Some of the most common problems that may be causing your back pain are:

  • Disk Damage: The lower portion of the spine is susceptible, and a car accident can damage the disks in your backbone.
  • Lumbar Sprains: When the back ligaments are strained or broken, lumbar sprains occur. These sprains can happen anytime the body is subjected to strong forces.
  • Herniated Disk: When the inward filling of the disks in the spine protrudes from the outer layer, this is known as disk herniation.
  • Spinal Stenosis: A narrowing of the bone canal that houses the spinal cord and spinal nerves can cause strong back pain.

How To Treat Back Pain After a Car Accident?

After a traffic accident, it’s essential to get expert medical attention to rule out any more severe problems. Beyond medical treatment from a trained professional, there are also often many steps you can take at home to help you feel better.

Take Rest

Your body will take days to recover in the wake of a car crash. Take a day or two to relax in bed and do very little work to enable the healing process to begin. Being too sedentary after an injury, on the other hand, will cause additional stiffness and discomfort, extending the time it takes to recover completely.

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods

The lower back is put under more strain when you sit. Furthermore, sitting for long periods will shut off blood supply to the region, making you feel much more uncomfortable. If you have to rest, get up, walk about, and stretch every 20 to 30 minutes to keep the blood flowing.

Try Yoga

Try taking up yoga as a means of exercise if you haven’t already. Yoga poses reinforce and flex your muscles, particularly those in your lower back. Besides, since yoga is a low-impact exercise, discomfort caused by the workout will likely be minimal.

Avoid Foods That Cause Inflammation

Although eating ice cream and other junk food while resting may sound like harmless pleasure, it will not provide the right fuel for optimal recovery. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, eggs, and a small amount of dark chocolate will help you recover more quickly.

Apply Ice and Heat

When it comes to healing a lower back injury, deciding whether to use an ice pack or a heating pad can be difficult. But, the reality is that both are good for you. Ice decreases pain and also numbs the affected region. Heat stimulates blood flow, which brings nutrients needed for healing to the affected area.

Wear a Back Brace

A back brace will help ease pain and strengthen your ability to work by providing support for your lower back. Braces can help to increase blood supply and will speed up the healing process. They also help ease pressure on the lower back by softly compressing the belly.

You Do Not Have to Fight the Pain Alone

Despite your desire to tackle the problem on your own, seeking care from a chiropractor after a car accident is the easiest and most effective approach to coping with lower back discomfort.

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