6 Things You Need To Know Before Leaving for College

Updated on March 24, 2021

Going away to college is the beginning of a whole new adventure. You will get a formal education in the subjects you study, but you’ll also get a life education as you go. Before you step onto campus for the first time, you’ll need to know these six things to prepare for going away to college.

Stay Out of Trouble

Being on your own for the first time is a little intimidating for some, but others feel it’s a license to act out and rebel. While a bit of rebellion is normal, be sure to never take it too far by doing anything illegal. The experts at thefloridatriallawyer.com have seen young people make mistakes that impact their lives in profound ways. Make sure whatever fun you’re having is safe and legal, and never do anything that would jeopardize your future.

Try New Things

Higher education is all about stretching yourself in ways you haven’t in the past. If you’ve always been strictly academic, find time to learn about the arts and even try your hand at painting or sculpting. If you’ve never been athletic, try taking a course in a sport or activity that interests you. You may be surprised to learn that you have natural talent, or simply that you enjoy something you never knew you would.

Choose Roommates Wisely

You may have little input about who you room with your first year, but pay attention to the kind of students you’d be interested in living with going forward. Picking roommates that have similar study habits and commitment to education is key to minimizing conflict and making your life easier. Living with someone who likes to party all the time may sound like fun, but it won’t be when you’re trying to cram for finals and can’t hear yourself think.

Focus on Your Finances

You’re young and you’re in college, so chances are you’re also broke. It may not sound like the time to think about your financial future but it is. Many credit card companies market to students who then find themselves leaving school with credit card debt on top of their student loans. Be smart about what you spend your money on and don’t buy anything you can’t afford.

Avoid Bad Influences

In high school, you had a pretty good handle on who was headed somewhere in life and who was not. When you get to college, that line becomes blurred as everyone is trying to adjust to a new situation. It’s a good thing to be friends with many types of people, but steer clear of friends who are not serious about their education. Chances are, they won’t be there long anyway.

Call Home

You’re entitled to freedom and privacy, but don’t forget to call home. Your family has invested years in raising you, and they still care deeply about how you’re doing. Keep those connections even if you’re busy far away and having fun. You don’t have to call every day, but checking in every so often will give your family peace of mind. You may find yourself needing those calls even more than they do.

Going away to college is an adventure. Live it wisely, and it will be a cherished experience.

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