6 Things to Consider While Choosing Age-Care Facility

Updated on June 16, 2021

There may come a time when we have to make a very tough decision – to put our elderly parents or relatives in an age-care facility. It may be for their health or because we are not always able to take proper care of them. It is surely a tough decision for any young person, but sometimes it is the right call. 

Just like our parents or guardians are choosy before they put us in the right school, it is time for us to make an informed and smart decision for them. Before picking the right aged-care facility – popularly known as elderly homes – there are some things that we need to consider. There has a be a good check of a home before we have to say our goodbyes to our loved ones. 

Here are a few very important tasks before choosing a facility for your elderly relatives.

6 To-Dos Before Choosing the Right Home

  • Thorough screening: When you are researching the best aged care facilities for the elderly, you need to be thorough and choosy. After all, it is a place that will ensure the care of your loved ones. If you manage to narrow it down to a few places, check for the following details first:
  • All the facilities they provide – what activities are available to the residents 
  • Recommendations from residents and people associated 
  • Professional medical care – doctors and nurse who are available  
  • Visiting details and care of residents 
  • What are the finances involved 
  • Speak with residents: One of the best ideas to understand the functioning of a place is to speak with residents. The ones who are living on the premises can give you the real picture of the place and all you need to know. Also, they are the people who will provide your relatives company in your absence. Speaking to them will give you an idea of the environment of the place. Try to speak with the residents when any of the authority figures are not present around. This way, you know they will not be swayed by anyone and speak honestly.
  • Look into the meal plans: When it comes to residential places, meals are an integral part of the system. Try to find out what kind of meals are provided to residents, if they are nutritious and filling. When you are in touch with the facility – plan a visit and ask for a sample meal to understand better. The residents can also help you out in this matter. It will be an assurance that your relatives are getting the proper nutrition they will need. Find out if there are nutritionists who can suggest meal plans for people who need special care.
  • Visit beforehand: The best thing you can do to pick the right care facility is to plan a visit. Going to the premises and checking it out will tell you all that you need to know. You can speak to the authorities, spend some time with the residents and understand how the place functions. A visit can answer all the questions you have. If possible, take your relatives with you on this visit. If they like the place for themselves, the transition process will be easier for them.

After the screening of the place by you and perhaps your relatives, you will be able to make a well-informed decision. Now comes the important details that you alone need to check and verify.

  • Check for licence: All care facilities need to have a valid licence and registration that makes them eligible to run the place. It is within your full rights to check for their annual inspection records and licence renewals. If there is some complaint about negligence or poor service, verify everything tice before you confirm your agreements with the facility.
  • Read the agreements: Finally, if you find everything to be perfect and a place satisfies you with all their services, you can be ready to sign the agreement. Before you do so, make sure to check through all the details, terms and conditions and financial options. This will make sure that there is no confusion regarding a problem in future. Be extra careful about the details as there is a chance your relatives may have to face a problem if there is some mistake on your part.

Even after you have made sure everything and your relatives are settled in, always remember that nothing can replace your concern. Always make sure to visit them every chance you get. It will give them strength in times of distress and keep them happy.

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