6 Qualities Needed for a Nursing Career

Updated on December 9, 2021

Nurses are a very important entity in our society. Where doctors are appreciated for their services, a nurse bears more than half of the contribution to the recovery of the patient. A nurse works tirelessly to bring its patients back to normal life and thus they should be credited for their efforts and more people should opt for nursing jobs, and help in the betterment of society. Healthcare workers are assumed to be very helpful, polite, and humble; not every person can be a good nurse. There are some qualities that a person needs to have while entering into the field, some of which are listed below.

Communication Skills

A nurse should have well-developed communication skills. The way you talk to others has a great impact on others. Your gestures and words have a lot to say for others and especially the patients who are already in need of help, need someone who can be nice towards them. The information between doctors, family members, and patients is often conveyed by nurses thus they should be firm and should know when to speak or tell something to the other person.

Emotional Stability

A nurse has to see and bear a lot while inside the hospital. Crucial cases and circumstances are a norm in a hospital setting and only a person with strong and stable consciousness can survive the situation. A nurse should thus be prepared for any situation, anytime, and should be emotionally stable. A person with weak emotional strength can never hold onto his feet under devastating circumstances.


A nurse needs to be empathetic and feel for others. Being empathetic means to feel yourself in the shoes of the sufferer. When you would understand how it feels to be in pain, to see a dear one suffering, to be in bed and the mercy of the hands of others, only then you, as a nurse, could relate to them and act humbly and nicely with them. A person who doesn’t feel and care for others has no place in the nursing sector. A nurse displaying a natural inclination to care about how their patients feel will have a substantial effect on their success in the nursing field, which makes caring a key indicator of a nurse’s success.

Good Stamina

A nurse has a tireless job. Going from one room to another, looking after so many patients at a time, providing patients with medicines, dressings, and other facilities, all the inside hospital setting could be very restless for a nurse. A nurse needs to have good stamina to go through the whole day in a balanced way. The physical demand on nurses is possibly one of the most undervalued phases of their careers.

Cognitive Presence

Many times, doctors might not be readily available and the situation has to be tackled by the on-duty nurses. This means that nurses should be present-minded during such circumstances and should display effective cognitive attendance by making quick informed decisions, showing well-developed problem-solving capacity, and making the right choices at the right time. The emergencies are uninformed and stress the person facing them, but being cognitively strong can make you handle any situation.

Manage Time

Another quality that a good nurse should possess is time management. The patient needs everything to be provided to them on time, whereas the nursing staff might get short of time when there are many beds to get attended to and every eye is waiting for you. A nurse should better prioritize the things to do and list the tasks to be performed and follow them so that no patient is left unattended.

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