6 Myths About Plastic Surgery Dispelled

Updated on September 12, 2021
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When you come across the term plastic surgery, the first thing that may come to your mind is altering body appearance, such as eye lifts, breast enlargement, facelifts and more. However, these procedures often have a lot more to them beyond this. Below, we aim to dispel a few common myths about plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is all about appearance

Many people opt for plastic surgery as a way to feel more confident and comfortable, as they’re not satisfied with the appearance of their body. However, not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery is doing it for this reason. Some people have issues with how they speak, eat, or walk, which may have occurred at birth or as a result of an accident. Plastic surgery modifies and can also help with whole-person care, which involves more than just altering your appearance.

There are no scars in plastic surgery

Just like in any other surgical procedure, it is impossible to avoid scars in plastic surgery since the procedure involves incisions. However, there are some procedures to get the scars to heal faster, including dermabrasion and topical treatments. Apart from scarring, it’s also possible to get injured during a plastic surgery procedure. What happens when you get hurt during plastic surgery? You’ll need to file an insurance claim to be compensated for your injuries. Hire a personal injury lawyer to help you out.

Plastic surgery is too expensive

Plastic surgery is often discussed as a common procedure among celebrities, and may have you believing that it’s only for the elite. It’s true that plastic surgery is expensive, but it’s also becoming more common, and surgeons face a lot of competition. Advances in technology have served to bring the overall cost down. You can also use Medicare cover for medically necessary surgeries.

Plastic surgery is only for women

While most plastic surgery patients are women, and some surgical procedures are more common for women, women are not the only plastic surgery patients. Men can also benefit from plastic surgery with procedures such as hair transplants, cheek implants, chin augmentation, and laser hair removal. 

The results last forever

While plastic surgery will give instant results, it won’t prevent your body from changing. Plastic surgery can alter the effects of injuries, aging, and birth defects, but your body will continue to age and change after the procedure. You can only make lifestyle changes to make the results last longer. View this example.

Plastic surgery is the same as cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery is a broader field that includes cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery involves enhancing one’s appearance. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery repairs birth defects, or damage from disease and trauma. Breast enlargement is cosmetic surgery, while repairing a breast after breast cancer is reconstructive surgery. 


There is a lot of misinformation regarding plastic surgery, but before you get discouraged, you must carry out your research. You can also talk to your doctor to tell you everything about plastic surgery. They might refer you to a certified plastic surgeon.

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