6 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Buying and Installing Floor Decals

Updated on May 11, 2021

Floor decals are one of the most creative and effective tools of a marketing strategy. They are the perfect replacement for the hanging signboards. In business, floor decals are mainly used for the promotion of sales, products, events, etc. 

Despite knowing that floor decals are such an important part of marketing strategy, people often make some mistakes during buying and installing them. If you want to avoid all those mistakes, then without any delay scroll down and continue reading this article.

Not Considering the Floor Type on Which the Floor Decal Will Be Applied

This is the most common and serious mistake that people make. They just simply buy floor decals without considering the type of surface on which they will be applied. For different surfaces, different types of floor decals are available. You should always first consider the type of surface on which you are going to apply your decal, whether it will be tile flooring, wooden, concrete, or asphalt before placing your order.

Assuming that Outdoor Decals are Suitable for Indoor Use 

Outdoor decals are expensive compared to indoor decals and for this reason, most people think that outdoor decals are better and they buy them to apply indoors. But you have to understand the fact that outdoor decals are never suitable for indoor use, the price difference is mainly because of the materials that are used for making outdoor decals. Outdoor decals are generally printed on an aluminum-based media that is suitable for applying on surfaces like brick, concrete, and asphalt.

Buying Floor Decals with Poor Quality Adhesive

If you buy a floor decal with poor adhesive then it will get peeled off in a short period of time. If at some point in the future, you want to remove the decal then it will leave behind noticeable traces on the floor making it rough. Floor decals with good quality adhesive will never leave behind such noticeable traces when removed.

Buying Cheap Floor Decals

When you buy a floor decal you expect its color to remain intact for a long time but this will never happen if you buy a cheap floor decal. Cheap floor decals will also get peeled off much earlier than you could expect. Always buy well-priced floor decals that are long-lasting and are of good quality.

Choosing the Wrong Color

Colors have been an important part of branding for ages. It is important to use the right color to get your floor decals noticed by your customers. Make sure that the color you choose should be attractive and does not blend in with the floor. According to Entrepreneur, colors play an important role in branding as every color possesses a unique meaning

Not Cleaning the Surface before Installing the Decal

Just because people are going to walk over the floor decals does not mean that you will apply them on unclean surfaces. You are applying the floor decals so that they can promote your sales and products by remaining there for a long time and if you apply them on unclean surfaces they will come off much earlier than you could expect. So, always make sure that the surface is properly cleaned with all dirt and oil removed before applying the decals.


Floor decals are very essential and are an indispensable part of your marketing strategy. So, be aware of all these mistakes and avoid them while buying and installing floor decals.

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