6 Common Misconceptions About Gym Management Software Solutions

Updated on January 24, 2022

It’s important to buy the right gym management software solution based on what your gym needs. There are so many options in the market today, and each software offers different features. Make sure to do your research and carry out a review of the software before you decide to buy one.

If you own a fitness-related business, and you’ve just started to get acquainted with the world of studio software options, then this is a good start. There are so many gym management software out there, each of them designed for businesses of different sizes, types, and offer unique selling points.

While many people believe that this type of software can help gym owners, you’ll also come to know several questions, myths, or doubts regarding buying such software.

What is gym management software?

A Gym scheduling software (also called fitness software or membership software) helps businesses that offer classes and membership to keep track of their employees, members, and their schedules. There are so many scheduling solutions available, but most of them include client-facing features and an employee-facing portal.

What are the features of a gym management software?

Below are some important features a gym owner should consider when reviewing gym management software solutions:

  • Digital contracts and waivers – Gym software solutions should be able to create contracts and waivers digitally. These digital documents help streamline legal considerations and signup.
  • Automated billing – This ensures all records of what is owed is up-to-date. This means you will be paid more efficiently.
  • Email and text management – The software should let you communicate with your members and clients via SMS or e-mail. This serves as a channel for you to market to your clients. 
  • Online sales and engagement – The software should make it easier to link with your website and online presence. The website should allow new members to sign up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To spark their interest, you should be able to offer trial membership and discounted classes. People share their experiences on social media now, so it’s best to have this option open. It can pave the way to gain new customers.

What are the common misconceptions about gym management software?

Almost every gym and fitness center nowadays require a gym management software solution to help boost up sales and increase revenue. The benefits of having such software are countless, which include increasing membership, better customer management, a lower rate of membership drops, and so much more! 

However, many gym owners are still under the impression that having such software isn’t productive. There are several reasons why they think so. Below are several questions, myths, or doubts regarding buying a gym software solution.

  1. Having a gym management software is difficult to implement. In today’s digital era, there are so many outdated software solutions that are complicated to implement. Because of this, one of the biggest misconceptions is that a gym management software solution is strenuous and hard to implement – but this isn’t true at all! In fact, it’s very easy to use. It is designed based on what gym needs, which allows the owner and the users to easily understand how the software works, making it worthwhile to implement.
  2. Gym software is only for institutional chains. A lot of medium-sized gym owners think that such software is only for big gym owners, so they hesitate to purchase one for their gyms. They think it’s only for gyms that run chains of gyms. But the truth is a gym software can be for both small or top of the class fitness centers. The need and usability of such software are the same for both types of gyms. 
  3. Management software solutions for gyms are expensive. Gym owners who have been constantly using gym software solutions to manage their gyms have experienced at least a 10% increase in the overall member addition monthly. The same can be said about their monthly member drop rate, by simply engaging their members with constant follow-ups, promotions, payment reminders. These features allow gym owners to engage with them more, which leads to a decrease in the member drop rate of about 5 to 10%. If the software tools are used effectively, then it will be safe to say that using the software for 3 months will lead to more member addition and less member drop. Therefore, all the money you’ve spent on purchasing a gym software solution can be recovered in about 3 to 5 months!
  4. Gym management software is difficult to learn. For someone who isn’t techie, it may be difficult to understand the platform completely at first. But this shouldn’t be a problem now that gym software solutions are designed with a focus on is non-techie users. This means that they are more user-friendly.
  5. Gym software solutions make work more complex. Learning new strategies and automation process will take a long time to finish. However, if it’s done correctly, it will lead to multiple benefits. When was the last time you had to learn a new tool? It must have been hard at first, but the benefits and advantages of it must have been plenty as soon as you’ve mastered it. It’s the same for gym owners. A lot of software solutions use state of the art technologies, taking into consideration the usability by the end-user. They make a perfect club management software to use for your gym.
  6. Gym software solutions offer complete automation and are a ticket for revenue growth. There isn’t any software that can achieve complete automation and remove the need for human interaction. These software tools can help you manage the work better, which leads to the growth of your business. 

For fitness studios, gyms, and personal trainers, having a gym software solution is the best way to track and receive payments, and manage both employees and members. If you do your homework and get the one that best fits your gym, then it will help you minimize the time you spend on paperwork and analog tracking. It will also provide your clients with a better experience.

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