6 CBD Products to Help With Your Gym Routine


CBD has been recognized as a useful fitness supplement based on its ability to reduce pain and inflammation. If you’ve been exercising regularly, you probably understand the recovery period after an intense exercise. The aching from a gym routine can discourage you from maintaining it. This is why athletes and bodybuilders involved in intense workout routines Use their choices and healthy supplements to speed up their recovery. 

If your gym routine leaves you inflamed, taking CBD supplements, like Sunday Scaries Sleep Oil, can help boost your post-workout recovery. The workout requires energy, and CBD helps increase blood circulation to the muscles to power them. Many CBD products are helpful for a workout routine. Here are six of the best six products to help your gym routine. 


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If you want to take CBD supplements orally, CBD edibles are the way to go. They are a great way to enjoy lasting CBD benefits in your body after a workout. You can use them to treat muscle pain after an intense workout session and recover an inflamed muscle. CBD supports a strong immune system, thanks to its high antioxidant content. It’s, therefore, an essential component of the gym routine to help maintain a robust cardiovascular system. You can orally ingest CBD products and feel the effect within 30 minutes, with effects lasting longer.

The full-spectrum CBD gummies can alleviate muscle pain and discomfort caused by soreness. If you consume CBD gummies, the pain relief properties can help reduce joint and muscle pain quickly. Mainly the products have anti-inflammatory and naturally occurring flavonoids that offer quick relief after a workout.

2CBD Oil and CBD Hemp Oil  

CBD oil drops are a concentrated form of CBD made in an alcohol solution allowing for precise dosing to a single drop. CBD hemp oil is a common type of tincture you will find and the most efficient way to take after a gym routine. It comes in a dropper bottle that allows you to quickly and accurately control your dosage. It’s also a pure and potent way to take CBD that gets into your bloodstream quickly for instant relief.

Take the CBD tincture through sublingual where you place it under the tongue and hold it in the mouth. Place a few drops of oil tincture under the tongue and allow it to absorb into the bloodstream after a workout. It will treat inflamed muscle and soreness to relieve pain. Using CBD tincture daily can help keep the exercise-induced inflammation down. You drop this pain tincture under your tongue to manage muscle pain and aid in recovery.


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Rub CBD balm on the aching joints to relieve pain after a gym workout. CBD topicals, such as CBDfx Topical Cream, can cool stiff muscles and joints for athletes suffering sore joints and muscle pain while working out. It contains energetic properties that can speed up muscle recovery and reduce damage to the nerves. Applying the topical directly on the skin can treat pain and muscle aches.

The product has active ingredients that work in their transdermal form to provide relief of muscle soreness and inflamed joints. The chances of intoxication from topicals are minimal because it doesn’t allow cannabinoids to reach the brain. Applying this product to the skin will enable cannabinoids to penetrate and then help soothe the muscles.

4Protein powder

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Protein powder in smoothies is a popular choice among gym enthusiasts because of the role of protein in muscle building and tissue repair. It can help you lose weight and spur muscle growth. If you add CBD protein powder to your gym routine, you can take a dose immediately after a workout for instant relief. CBD protein powder is made by putting protein powder in smoothies. 

The CBD protein powder has anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties that help in muscle pain and muscle repair. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in CBD can maintain good cardiovascular health. While it’s not common right now, protein powder may become an essential form of consuming CBD products in the future.

5Bath salts

Nothing can help soothe an aching body than taking a nice hot bath. If you’re fond of using hot but two soups for your muscles after a workout, try using the CBD bath salts or bath bombs like Sunday Scaries CBD Bath Bombs. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been using these baths to reduce inflammation after a workout.

They contain Broad-spectrum CBD along with other ingredients that relieve aches and pains. Most bath salt like Epsom salts is vegan and cruelty-free, meaning they are free of synthetic dyes and other harmful ingredients. We are a great option if you are interested in comfortably relaxing after an intense workout. 

6Skin patch 

These are a great way to absorb CBD into the body. If you’ve heard of Icy Hot patches, the CBD skin patch acts similarly. You will get the same sort of Icy Hot patches that include CBD as an active ingredient. Skin patches deliver pain relief by sticking the patch to your skin. The benefit of using transdermal skin patches is that they slowly provide pain relief at a muscular level that is sore or in pain. It will also guarantee long-lasting effects. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help reduce any inflammation in your muscles and joints. Therefore, using a CBD skin patch can be an excellent way of delivering pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects after a gym workout routine. 

Bottom Line

We’ve discussed several ways you can use CBD in your workout routine. As a supplement, CBD products provide better recovery and can help improve athletic performance. If you are involved in intense gym workouts, you can benefit from using these CBD products. 

Several athletes and fitness enthusiasts are turning to CBD as a quasi-performance enhancement supplement. This is down today to the therapeutic properties of CBD, such as pain relief and muscle recovery. We are likely to learn more comprehensive ways of integrating CBD in gym routines in the future.

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