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6 best types of Stoma Bags

One of the biggest advantages in the modern markets is the diversity within a product range. Once you are in the market for something, you are likely to come across numerous products and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

There are numerous stoma care products in the market and your nurse is the best person to assist you in choosing one at the start. You can try various pouches to determine which one is the most secure and comfortable for you.

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You can find bags in different designs; they can be an open or drainable, closed, convex or flat wafer, two pieces, or one-piece system with a distinct wafer and bag. Furthermore, some also come with accessories that ensure the protection of your skin and also improve the security of the bag.

Types of Bags

Below are some of the most common bag types that you might come across:-

  1. Closed bags

These types of bags are usually sewn from the bottom and don’t have an opening. The most common usage of this type of bag is among patients with a colostomy and creates solid stools. The nurse can replace the bag when required among one to three times each day

  1. Open or drainable bags

These bags are suitable for patients with an ileostomy since the output is usually more of a liquid state. You can empty these bags through the hole at the bottom when required and only change them once every three to four days. 

  1. Urostomy bag

These types of bags contain a small tap located at the bottom which you can open and drain the urine when required. You can change the bags normally every three to four days as they don’t require frequent or regular change

  1. One-piece bag

One-piece bags are different and they also have distinct functionality. Both the pouch and the wafer are connected thus will have to be changed completely every time. These are usually inclined to place rather flat towards the body

  1. Two-piece bags

In these types of bags, the pouch and the wafer are separate. The wafer/baseplate connects around the stoma and the pouch attaches on the top of the wafer. It means that you don’t have to change the wafer each time as you can leave it o and just replace the bag when required. It is a good choice to avoid any skin irritations. However, these pouches tend to be a little heavier 

  1. Convex wafers/ bags

A convex wafer or bagarchesto aiding in pushing out a stoma that upturns and assembles inside the skin folds. It can assist in preventing leakages around the stoma.

Best Stoma care products

If you are looking for the best stoma care products in Australia, then considering the Stoma care products at ConvaTec  is a necessity. it is because they provide a wide variety of high-quality and durable products that you won’t find elsewhere. They provide the following:-

  • Colostomy bags
  • Ileostomy bags
  • Urostomy bags
  • Stoma skincare and essential accessories
  • wound managers
  • Aura Stoma caps
  • Aura plus

These products ensure the safety and protection of their customers. 

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