55 Exercises You Should Try This Summer

Updated on October 31, 2019

Fitness is a tricky beast to master. What diet should you follow? What workouts should you do? How many times should you hit the gym? If you start delving into all the questions that pop up in your head, then you’ll eventually become exhausted just from thinking about it.


Yet, it doesn’t need to be this way.

In actuality, health and fitness is very simple. Eat healthy foods, exercise often, and move as much as possible. If you want to lose weight, then eat less calories than you burn, and if you want to gain weight, then do the opposite. No fancy tricks or confusing mumbo jumbo; just movement and diet.

Of course, of course, what’s deemed ‘healthy’ can be different dependent on your perspective. For instance, eggs used to be thought of as the root cause of all heart disease, but now they’re heralded as one of the best things ever. However, if you truly put your mind to it, then eating healthy is pretty straightforward. Whole grains, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, seeds, and fruits should make up the base of your diet and then you can save a few times for indulging in less ‘healthy’ items. When you put your mind to it, it’s actually pretty easy to work out what’s good for you and what isn’t in terms of your diet.

However, exercise is a different ballpark. There are now thousands of different exercise plans and workout routines available on the internet which all tout themselves as the best things ever. What eventually happens is you settle in on one, do it for a number of days, and then give up. The key to success with fitness is consistency, patience, and dedication, but some routines are a lot easier to stick to than others which is exactly why I’ve created this infographic so that you’re never stuck for ways to move.

A lot of the time we end up giving up simply because we get bored of what we’re doing. It’s the same routine week in, week out with not much progression and a lot of sweat. Not only is this unengaging, but it’s also demotivating. You want something that you’re excited to do; something you actually look forward to; something that doesn’t leave you exhausted mentally as well as physically.

The solution? Diversity.

The more options you have to pick from, the less likely you are to slip into monotony. Of course, too much choice can leave you frazzled, but being able to pick from a selection of exercises means that if you don’t fancy doing one, then you’ve got an equally good one in reserve. Sometimes we want to exercise but we just don’t want to exercise the same way we have been, causing us to eventually hit a wall and feel like throwing in the towel.

Another large part behind why so few people reach success is due to a lack of progression. We don’t see ourselves getting stronger, bigger, slimmer or leaner which eventually leads to a lack of motivation and frustration. However, by having a wide range of exercises to choose from, we always have a tool in our belt to combat the problem. For instance, if you don’t think your shoulders are big enough but you only know one exercise, then you can now consult this infographic for some other exercises to increase the volume. If you’re struggling for ways to build up your squat, then you now have a myriad of accessory exercises to choose from to target your weak points. Highlight the weakness, analyse the problem, and then find the right tools to keep you moving forward.

That’s exactly what this infographic is: a tool belt for progression in your health and fitness endeavours. Whether that be progression with your physique, your strength, your performance, or just how you feel about yourself, the infographic from Gym Equipmentdetails 55 of the best exercises for each and every muscle group no matter what your goal. No more endless searches of the web, no more holding your head in your hands from frustration, and no more road blocks that you can’t face.

At the end of the day, we can’t all be blessed with the right attitude to enjoy fitness, but we can find the right tools necessary to help us enjoy it like checking out for a cheap commercial fitness equipment. These exercises can’t give you the right mind-set to progress, but they give you everything else. Information is power, and now, it’s down to you to use the information you’ve read today to help take your health and performance to the next level.

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