5 Ways to Organize Your Relocation

Updated on December 19, 2022

It takes careful planning and organization to ensure that your relocation is successful. To help you make the transition smoother, we’ve compiled five commandments that you should keep in mind when preparing for a move. From budgeting to purging, these tips are essential for a stress-free move. Read on to learn the five commandments of a successful relocation!

1.  Make a Timeline and Comprehensive Strategy

It’s crucial to have a bird’s-eye view of the entire moving process, including all the activities that need to be done and the people who will be engaged. You can keep track of your work and the general timeframe by making use of a spreadsheet or a calendar.

Having a clear strategy in place can help you avoid getting stuck down in the weeds and missing any crucial steps. When you have a plan in place, it’s much simpler to divide up the work and keep track of the various crews who will be visiting your home. You should include the names and numbers of all the key people, such as your real estate agents, packers, movers, inspectors, architects, and designers, on your timeline.

2.  Tidy Up Before the Big Move

Packing is a laborious task. Most people have to choose between taking it with them and leaving behind certain possessions. If you’re moving into a smaller home after years of collecting a lot of stuff, this can be a very draining process. It’s natural to want to box everything up and go through it all once you’ve relocated. However, I strongly suggest making the effort to declutter before the relocation.

The unpacking process at your new house will go more smoothly and quickly if you declutter before you move. If you don’t, you will end up allotting valuable space to useless stuff for extended periods. Furthermore, almost all moving companies including Safebound Moving and Storage base their rates on the total weight of your belongings. If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of decluttering but want to start somewhere, take into account whether or not you would pay to have a particular item moved.

3.  The Packing Order Should Be Considered

Be strategic in packing, as the sequence in which you pack will affect how efficiently you move. Don’t start shoving stuff into boxes without giving some thought to what you’ll need in the days leading up to the relocation. You might think that two months out is too far to be productive, but you can! Before you start storing things, consider what must be tucked away and what can wait.

In most cases, you won’t need to bring winter gear with you to your new home if you move in July. In this case, you can put away your winter clothes early on. Things like seasonal decorations and wall hangings from rooms you rarely use can be put away first.

4.  Either Use It or Give It Away

One of the most unexpected ways to get organized before a move is to use all of your disposable stuff, such as food, cleaning supplies, paper goods, pantry items, and surplus art materials. In the months leading up to your move, make a meal plan to help you use up as much of your stored food as possible. It will save you money on food, reduce the amount of trash you have to get rid of at the last minute, and help you minimize the number of things you have to move.

5.  Don’t Forget the First Few Days’ Necessities!

The first few days at your new home might be overwhelming, so it’s smart to bring a small suitcase with a few necessities. Make sure you clearly label these boxes “Load Last” so that they are the last ones loaded onto the moving vehicle and the first ones unloaded. Some of these items may need to be brought along with you instead of being loaded aboard the truck if the relocation is going to take more than a day.

Do not forget to pack supplies for your dogs’ and other loved ones’ well-being. We recommend you pack the following essentials for your relocation:

●       Towels

●       Attire and footwear

●       Dry snacks

●       Toiletries

●       Pet supplies, including food.

Organize with Professionals!

As soon as you plan to relocate, you should call the best moving companies near you and compare their rates. You should hire the one that suits you the best, as moving is not an easy job, especially if you try to do it all by yourself. These companies come with all the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment to make your relocation a breeze. 

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