5 Tools Used by Optometrists for Eye Exams

    5 Tools Used by Optometrists for Eye Exams

    An eye exam can consist of several tests to provide a proper diagnosis of a patient’s eye health, check out londoncataractcentre.co.uk to learn more. Because of this, optometrists use several tools for the best results possible. Keep reading for a list of tools used by optometrists for eye exams.


    A tonometer is a device that measures the pressure of fluids in the eyeball. Checking the fluid pressure is necessary because it provides an indication of whether a patient’s eyes can keep their shape and avoid conditions such as glaucoma. Some eye doctors use a non-contact tonometer that blows air into the eyes, while others use a tonometer that directly touches the eye. The latter requires tip covers for hygienic purposes.


    A phoropter device is another common tool to consider. The purpose of a phoropter is to determine a prescription for glasses or contacts. The patient looks at an eye chart and use the different lenses of the phoropter to find the one that gives them the best vision.


    Optometrists often use a handheld device called an ophthalmoscope to examine the interior of the eye and look for any signs of disease. The device features a light source with mirrors and lenses used to examine the eye closely. Before an exam using an ophthalmoscope, the patient must have their eyes dilated with eye drops.

    4Snellen Chart

    The most recognizable tool used by optometrists for eye exams is probably the Snellen Chart. This chart notably has a giant letter E at the top and lines of letters below, with the series of letters continuing to get smaller towards the bottom of the chart. The Snellen Chart is a useful tool when it comes to measuring visual acuity.

    5Slit Lamp

    A slit lamp is a microscope that features a light source. It allows an optometrist to inspect areas of the eye such as the eyelid, iris, and cornea. Slit lamps are incredibly useful for checking irregularities or conditions that may be in the eye.


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