5 Tips for Your Outreach Videos; Jeff Downie Shares Some Wisdom

Updated on November 2, 2021

Video is essential for effective Outreach. And – you’d be surprised at how many are not using it or – if they are – are not producing compelling Outreach videos. Don’t let this be you or your organization.

In The Book of Outreach for Healthcare; How to Understand & Astonish the Right Customers Consistently, there will be content to help you related to Outreach videos.

The book of Outreach For HealthCare 3D Revised 1

And – there will be a short feature by a very high-level expert in motion and still photography – Jeff Downie of Downie Photo based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jeff is a truly wonderful guy – super creative – a good soul – and a lot of fun. Oh – and he knows what he is doing related to all visual mediums.

Although below the audio you will see part of what will be in The Book of Outreach – I thought you might enjoy hearing Jeff as he shares with you his 5 Tips for Effective Outreach Videos.

Jeff Downiw

Below is a lightly edited transcript of Jeff’s wisdom:

“The first tip is: KEEP IT SHORT. 15 to 60 seconds at the max. Attention spans are short these days. So you want to keep them short and compelling.

Number two: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Have a concise authentic message. Don’t try to be anything other than who you are. So be authentic.

Third: Give some value and don’t expect anything in return.

And give the receiver value – specific to their industry.

What I mean by, “give something of value” is to offer up something specific to the industry like; a piece of advice or piece of content that has meaning to somebody. Something they can benefit from. And don’t expect anything in return. Be a good person.

Join their communities. I mean – go out and like their stuff on social. Comment on their stuff and don’t expect them to comment back. Just be a good person. Be out there liking their content.

Fourth would be; SHARE OFTEN. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn – have different content. For all of those three are different. Three different audiences essentially.

And along with that share often goes to know your audience. Know what they like on Instagram. Know what they prefer on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Number 5: Would be GOOD AUDIO. That’s nuts and bolts of it. Just to use good audio. Use a good mic not just the on-camera mic.

Hopefully that helps get out there and reach more people.”

Notes from The Drummer:

I met Jeff Downie in early 2017 when we both were in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program, Cohort XI in Cleveland, Ohio.

I was immediately impressed with Jeff’s keen listening skills – kindness – wit and focus.

At the time – Jeff’s growth plan idea was to venture from still photography to do more video for his company. Or – as you will see at Jeff’s website, “Motion.”

I fully encouraged Jeff but also advised him to be mindful that the worlds were quite different in many ways. Just to be aware. I have been involved in both still and “motion” for many years and had seen several individuals attempt to be excellent at both but not be so excellent…at both – one (or both) would devolve.

Well – thank God Jeff focused intensely – followed through on his ambitious GS10KSB growth plan to bring more motion to Downie Photo – and he more than succeeded!

As you will see – the work – wait – the art – that he and his team produce is unique – whimsical – compelling – inspiring. It looks and sounds “world-class!”

Like never before – astonishing looking and sounding video is essential in your Outreach!

Please heed Jeff’s advice – especially on sound. This is where so many fall very short.

Outreach Pilot Arms Behind Back

“I urge that you inform yourself about and contract Downie Photo for your Outreach videos and images.


[email protected]
2110 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114 ·
(216) 762-1765.”

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