5 Things You Need to Make Your Bali Spa Retreat a Blast

Updated on November 10, 2020

Bali, Indonesia is a city known for wellness getaways. The land itself offers an exotic experience that matches its exquisite culture. Beyond its wondrous beauty and lush greens, tourists also flock to this place because of the wellness and spa retreat offers to south their body and soul. 

Ideally, you can visit a cosmetic surgeryclinic for some facial treatment, hair removal, Botox, and other procedures so you can feel more confident and ready to show some skin. You can also choose the more serene side of Bali and focus on relaxation, meditation, and soul-searching.

Bali’s majestic waves make it a surfer’s paradise. There are also hip bars and pubs for those looking for a chill night out. But more than sightseeing, surfing, and partying, most people visit Bali to improve their physical and mental well-being. Thus, if you are planning to visit this destination for an exceptional wellness experience, here are some essential tips to remember.

Get a Soothing Massage

An authentic Balinese massage is something that you should never miss when you visit Bali for a wellness retreat. It uses techniques influenced by Chinese and Ayurveda. Back then, this massage was traditionally harsh performed as a healing ritual. Over time, it shifted focus to serve more people. It is now known as a softer type of massage offered for relaxation for both locals and tourists.

Whole Body Cleansing

After cleansing your skin to correct any blemish for your trip, it is now the perfect time to try out various types of detox and cleansing programs offered in Bali. Depending on the program that you opt for, you can have a short 3-day retreat or a weeklong one. You’ll experience total body indulgence involving scrubs, juice cleansing, Ayurvedic healing, steam baths, infrared sauna, and halotherapy. Whichever wellness packages you go for, you are bound to have a rejuvenating experience while you are here.

Try a Yoga Retreat

Travelers to Bali must try a holistic yoga retreat on their plight to this paradise island. Many yoga centers are operating in the area to accommodate a growing demand for this type of wellness-focused vacation. Yoga centers in the area will help you develop a deeper understanding of the practice with world-class Yogi. Some retreat centers also include spa options for you to try massages, facials, and body treatments after your yoga sessions.

Meditate and Find Inner Peace

In the novel, Eat, Pray, Love, author Elizabeth Gilbert spent her time in Bali learning to pray and spent most of her time meditating. It is so easy to fall into the habit of deep meditation when you are surrounded by Mother Nature and all the calmness that Bali offers. It is the best sanctuary for those who wish to start the habit and even those who are into it. There are centers in the area catering to those who want to learn how to meditate, unwind, and find inner peace.

Try Vegan Food

When it comes to vegan practice, Bali is one of the forerunners in Asia. It is well-celebrated in the area. In fact, there is a yearly Vegan Fest happening every October. The place has various vegan and vegetarian restaurants offering the best and freshest produce on the island. You might even be encouraged to try a raw food diet while you are here.

There is nothing more exotic, calming, and rejuvenating than a spa getaway in Bali, Indonesia. Make the most of your stay by ticking off these suggestions for you to experience the best wellness and spa retreat in the heart of Bali.

Whatever you learn from your stay here, you can develop into lifelong practices that you can do when you come home.

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