5 Summer Shoe Styles Every Woman Needs

Updated on July 25, 2022

One of the most important parts of any wardrobe is the shoe. While some women are shoe fanatics with entire closets dedicated solely to footwear, others don’t give their shoes more than a second thought. No matter where you fall on the shoe shopping spectrum, it is important to have a certain number of essential shoe styles in your closet. Shoes have the power to instantly dress up an otherwise casual day look, making them suitable for a fancy dinner. They can also make all the difference in your comfort level in exploring new cities on your summer vacation. Whether you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe or just want to add to your arsenal of cute shoes, keep reading for the summer shoe styles every woman needs in her closet. 

Comfort Is Key 

With summer comes tons of time spent outside. Having comfortable shoes is critical for early morning soccer games with your kiddos, long walks on a boardwalk at the beach, or just a day spent shopping. Comfortable shoes should fit your foot well, provide ample support and make sense for the activity you enjoy. For some women, that may be a wedge; for others, it’s a running sneaker. Finding a pair or two of comfortable shoes that work with your personal style and pair well with your existing wardrobe is essential. 

Slip Ons 

Summertime means a lot more extracurricular activities than during the fall and winter (for most people). Make sure you’ve got a pair of slip-on shoes by the door for when you’re running out the door on short notice. White slip-on sneakers go with virtually everything from maxi and midi dresses to denim shorts. Investing in a pair of slip-on loafers or sneakers in a neutral color can be a lifesaver when it comes to looking pulled together in a pinch. 


Not only are heels uncomfortable for a lot of women, but they’re also hard to maneuver in. With so many parties and other events to attend during the summer, having a pair of shoes to elevate your outfit but still get around with ease is key. A pair of wedges is worlds more comfortable than high heels, not to mention easier on your feet. From garden parties to wedding invitations, the dress code is appropriate while remaining comfortable. 

Hiking Boots 

Even if you don’t consider yourself the outdoorsy type, a lot of activities you’ll get into during the summer months require more than just a pair of tennis shoes. Did you know that hiking is one of the most popular first date activities for those meeting on dating apps? Even if you’re just exploring local parks with friends or family, give your feet (and ankles) the protection they deserve and stay safe with a pair of hiking boots. If you know you won’t use them often, hiking boots can be found on reselling sites like eBay or Poshmark – you may even score some at the thrift store! No matter what price point you’re looking to hit when it comes to some hiking boots, they pay for their investment in spades when it comes to safety and comfort. 


It wouldn’t be a summer essentials shoe list without including flip-flops, would it? From beach days, pool days, and running quick errands with the family, a pair of flip-flops keeps things easy-peasy with how you can slip them on quickly. Flip-flops can also put you in the summer mood in the weeks leading up to your favorite season. You may think flip-flops are only casual, and some people even have a “no flip flop” policy in their wardrobe. But, really, they’re one of the most convenient and comfortable shoes you can own. All flip-flops are not created equally, though. Invest in a pair that provides at least some level of support to protect your footbed. 

Summer is a time when we all want to kick back, relax and live as carefree as possible. Don’t let your footwear be something you need to provide a second thought to by ensuring you have all the above-mentioned styles ready to go in your closet. It’s a lot easier to enjoy your summer fun in the right shoes!

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