5 Signs You Should Seek Help for a Drug Addiction

Updated on January 19, 2024

Millions of people struggle with addiction to various substances. Drug addiction is one of the most common problems, and it is also incredibly difficult to work through on your own. Most people struggling with drug addiction need the assistance of a detox and rehabilitation center to achieve sobriety and start on the road to recovery. Here are five signs that it is time for you to seek help for your addiction.

1. Your Loved Ones Express Concern

You may think that you are in complete control over your drug use, but your friends and family members may have a different story. If your loved ones approach you and express concern that you have a substance abuse problem, you should take their worries seriously. It takes a lot of courage and thought to talk to someone about drug abuse, so if loved ones are making an effort to make you aware of a potential problem, there is likely some truth to their concern and you may need to check into a drug detox in Atlanta, GA, for help.

2. You Run Out of Money Each Month

With the rising cost of inflation in the stagnation of paychecks, many people have trouble sticking to their monthly budget. This is not a red flag in itself, but if you find yourself running out of money to pay rent but having cash to buy drugs, you need to start thinking about your priorities. Purchasing drugs is a huge waste of money each month if you are not buying prescription medications that you need to survive.

3. You Prioritize Drug Use

When a drug addiction takes hold, you often start to prioritize drug use over other things. You may use your rent money to buy drugs or choose to purchase substances instead of groceries. You may find yourself doing desperate things to make money to buy drugs, and you may go to extreme measures to hide substance abuse from loved ones. If you start prioritizing drug use, is a big sign that you need help to overcome your problem.

4. You Meet Criteria On the DSM-5

Your counselor or primary care physician may assess you for a drug abuse problem if you present with certain criteria. You can also look up the DSM-5 form online and see if you meet any of the criteria for substance abuse problems. These criteria include:

  • Lost interest in hobbies
  • Multiple failed attempts to stop drug use
  • Insatiable cravings
  • Endangering people

5. You Have Frequent Health Problems

Frequent drug use takes a toll on your body and often leads to significant health problems. If you experience issues with your kidney, liver or heart and other causes can be ruled out, the issues may be caused by drug abuse. Failing to take action results and more extensive problems, so if you notice frequent health problems associated with drug use, it’s time to seek help.

Addiction is a disease, and when you struggle with a serious substance abuse disorder, you need help to get on the road to recovery. If you see any of these signs in your life, it may be time to seek out a rehabilitation center to help you with your drug addiction.

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