5 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship With A Narcissist Man

Updated on October 31, 2021

1: You Feel Like They’re Always Trying To Control You.

If you’re in a relationship with someone who seems to enjoy controlling certain aspects of your life (perhaps every aspect), you may be in a gaslight relationship. What is a gaslight relationship? 

It is a relationship where one person tries to control the other. They try to control their perception of reality. Gaslighting is a favourite tool of the narcissist and if you stay in such a relationship it can ruin your mental and emotional health in the long term. 

As the Author of The Feminine Woman says about a gaslighting boyfriend: “A gaslighting boyfriend will take every last piece of self respect and human dignity that you have if you let him.”

2: They Don’t Mind Lowering Your Self Esteem.

This one should be obvious, but a lot of people aren’t even aware of it when their partner is trying to lower their self esteem, because they’ve been in a toxic relationship for so long that they’ve become desensitised to it. In fact, they may even blame themselves for it.

What does lowering your self esteem look like? Here are some examples:

– They point out and regularly pick on your ‘flaws’ to make you feel bad about yourself.
– They bring you down instead of helping you feel good about yourself.
– They blame you for things – including things that aren’t even your fault. 
– They attack your choices in life (including your choice in friends, career, food, recreation etc). 
– They make themselves out to be superior to you – directly or indirectly.

3: They Trigger Your Fears A Lot.

See, when you’re in a healthy relationship, that relationship alleviates your fears rather than exposing them. A toxic relationship on the other hand, will always make you feel raw with fear. 

Fear is like a drug and a really toxic person will use it to keep you small, because they feel so small themselves. 

A narcissist’s biggest threat is you having higher self esteem and increasing your self esteem, because esteemed people cannot be controlled. Secretly, the narcissist actually has low self esteem themselves. You can find out more about the signs a man has low self esteem in this article by D.Shen. 

4: They Don’t Have Empathy For You.

Empathy isn’t their strong point. This can be confusing actually, because toxic people can actually put on the act of being caring. They can appear to be there for you, which makes you start to think that maybe they’re not as bad as you thought.

But remember that this is also a gaslighting tool: when they notice you start to question them – they might throw in a bit of caring behaviour in order to make you feel a little bit better. They know that if they let you feel too bad – that will be fuel for you to leave. So they throw in caring gestures.

But caring gestures doesn’t mean they are actually a good person deep down inside. The reason is because caring for someone is different to being a warm and empathetic person. 

Caring can sort of be faked, but empathy cannot be faked, because you have to feel what the other person is feeling. And a narcissist is simply incapable of that. 

5: They Talk Themselves Up Way Too Much.

Narcissists create a really fanciful image of themselves that even the highest achievers in the world could never measure up to. 

For example, they may say that in their day, they went to the Olympic trials for sprinting. Another example is talking about making millions of dollars – even though their life doesn’t show that they are a millionaire. 

There really is no limit for a narcissist – they will lie as much as they need to in order to control your perception of them. 

Little do they know that it is to their own detriment as well as yours.

Conclusion: The 5 Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship With A Narcissist Man:

1: You Feel Like They’re Always Trying To Control You.

2: They Don’t Mind Lowering Your Self Esteem.

3: They Trigger Your Fears A Lot.

4: They Don’t Have Empathy For You.

5: They Talk Themselves Up Way Too Much.

Remember that if you stay in a toxic relationship with a toxic person for long enough, it makes you less emotionally healthy, and therefore less “eligible” to attract a healthy partner in the future. 

Remember, you deserve love and connection. It is your birthright. Find out how you can create more healthy love and connection in your life by visiting Shen Wade Media.

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