5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pixie Cut This Year

Updated on February 4, 2022

While the ever-trending pixie cut hits modern fashion with another wave of popularity, some women still do their best looking for excuses. “It’s just not for me”, “It’s too short, how do I style it?” — can relate? Today, we’re going to dispel the myths that make women jump in hesitation when it comes to a short haircut. First off, a pixie is all about freedom. 

Although chopping your hair for a pixie cut may seem to be a bold decision or even a commitment, this haircut is way more multifaceted than you think. Hair pros from LoveHairStyles.com have shown us how different a pixie can be to suit every unique face shape, texture, and image. And now, we want you to see with your own eyes what you’ve been missing when not giving it a shot!

Who Can Pull Off a Pixie Cut? 


Let’s begin your pixie journey by debunking the short-hair-doesn’t-suit-me myth. There’s an age-old misconception that some women are cut out to have one certain length throughout their lives just because it suits them. In fact, if you don’t take a personal approach to your short cut, it’s most likely to look bad. However, the same goes for any haircut, no matter low long it is. A pixie is one of the most flexible haircuts that can be tailored based on your unique features and preferences. And here’s what you should consider in order to find a pixie that suits you like a glove. 

Your Face Shape

There’s a perception that short hair doesn’t work for all face shapes. Well, that’s far from being true. Still, your face is the starting point for creating a silhouette of your haircut. If you’d like to draw attention from your round face, for example, you can add some long side bangs. Or, when you want to highlight your angles, sharp layers with swept bangs are key. And in case you want to bring out your eyes, baby bangs will do the trick. Just make sure your cut focuses on what you’d like to be in the spotlight, concealing those features you consider as flaws.

Your Hair Texture

It’s crucial to ensure your cut makes a good team with your texture. On fine hair, a shorter cut with long layers will be a fantastic option that will visually add tons of volume. A short shag for curly hair is another go-to of modern women for its curl-defining magic. As for thick hair, you can get short layers or even feathers to lighten it up and give it a fly. Also, be sure your stylist has good shears. They should have shears sharpened all the time.


Your Lifestyle

Last but not least, your lifestyle matters, too. The pixie itself is an absolutely low-maintenance cut. On the other hand, it requires regular trims, especially if you rock bangs. If you’re not ready to see your stylist every 3-4 weeks to update the texture, bangs, and edges, a pixie is not really for you. We personally believe there’s nothing like wash-and-goss for stress-free mornings, and this is where a pixie comes in.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Pixie In Your Life

  1. It’s super low-maintenance. Of course, it depends on the kind of pixie you rock, but it’s one of the most easy-to-maintain haircuts ever. One salon appointment a month or two is totally worth the edgy look and feel of freedom in your hair. 
  1. Pixies allow for endless cutting customizations. You can get layers on the top, throughout the whole length, and on bangs, as well as experiment with different textures on just one pixie. At the same time, you can create your own version of bangs and combine your pixie with anything from a bob to an undercut for a unique look. 
  1. You can experiment with a ton of styling choices. From wet back-swept and side-parted looks to Mohawks with braided sides and blowouts, your pixie is a huge playground for styling. 
  1. Pixies give more room for color plays. There’s no need to be afraid of bleaching, be it the roots or the length. It will regrow soon on a short pixie, so you can go as creative as you want.
  1. It’s all about self-expression through trends. This haircut is all the rage not for nothing: it helps women to show the world how different they can be. 

First, you can’t imagine yourself with a pixie. Then, you can’t imagine your life without it. As a matter of fact, it’s not even about trial and error; it’s about a thorough approach to searching for your haircut. And now that you know what to consider to find your perfect pixie, your next appointment will be game-changing. 

Source: LoveHairStyles

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