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5 proven ways to enhance male sexual performance

Have you been with your partner for a long time and want to heighten your sexual experience? Or do you just want to enjoy sex even more? Whatever your circumstances, most people are curious about how to enhance their sexual performance. From wanting to know how they can last longer to how to keep an erection, how they can increase their stamina, and how to ensure that their partner enjoys themselves too!

You may be familiar with certain pills that are out there on the market, but did you know that there are other ways you can enhance your sexual performance without stepping foot in a pharmacy?

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Read on for 5 proven ways to enhance male sexual performance.  

Reduce the stress in your life

If you’re stressed, your sex life suffers. Not only can you struggle to get and maintain an erection, if you’re worried about your financial situation and your work deadlines whilst being intimate with your partner, no one is going to enjoy the moment very much. Stress has a negative impact on your libido, increases your heart rate and blood pressure and makes intimacy difficult. Reducing the stress in your life is an absolute must. And it’s easier than you might think. Sometimes just talking about your issues with your partner can help alleviate stress. You could also take up exercise to combat your stress levels. 

No more bad habits! 

A repetitive and dangerous cycle of smoking, alcohol and bad food choices will have a negative impact on your sexual performance. Smoking has been directly linked to impotence, and alcohol – whilst fun to get you both in the mood – can also hurt your performance. Quitting these bad habits and adopting a healthier lifestyle will only make things better in the bedroom. 


They say that communication is key. And when it comes to sexual performance, they couldn’t be more accurate. By tuning into your partner’s wants and needs, you have the power and ability to increase your own sexual performance, make things even more intimate, speed things up and slow them down, making sex last longer and more enjoyable for the both of you. Talk to your partner and listen to what they want!

Eat blood flow foods!

Sex involves blood flow, so ensuring that your circulatory system is getting all the nutrients it needs to perform is crucial to enhancing your sexual performance. Check out foods such as avocados, oranges, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, onions, garlic (keep a breath mint to hand), bananas and spicy foods such as peppers and chillies. 

Keep your heart in good shape

We’re all familiar with the obvious health benefits of regular exercise but keeping your heart in good shape is crucial to improving your sexual performance. Running, walking, swimming, jogging – as long as you’re doing this for thirty minutes every single day and breaking a sweat, you’ll be making positive steps towards a healthy lifestyle and a great sex life. 

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