Evolvhealth products reducing the impact of malnutrition in children

Updated on March 10, 2020

Too little or too much of specific nutrients can cause malnutrition. This can cause serious health problems, such as stunted growth, diabetes, and eye problems. While malnutrition affects many people worldwide, children are at higher risk. This is because of their lifestyle, environment, and resources depend on their parents or guardians. Thank goodness, when you purchase products, a child who is in need gets food nutritional support. This article discusses more information about malnutrition and why EvolvHealth has a noble cause supporting these children. 

What is malnutrition?

Simply put, malnutrition is a nutrient deficiency or it can also be caused when you over-consume certain nutrients. Undernutrition results from lack of adequate protein, micronutrients, or calories. Therefore, such people experience stunted growth and underweight problems. 

However, overnutrition happens when you take in too much of certain nutrients like protein, fat, or calories, leading to overweight or obesity. The condition can also cause malnutrition because it’s possible to be overweight or obese and still have a deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. 

Many undernourished children usually lack vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, iron, iodine, and vitamin A. The common signs and symptoms of undernutrition include weight loss, hollow cheeks, sunken eyes, dry hair and skin, and loss of focus. Because undernutrition can cause serious physical and health problems, the risks of death are high.     

People at risk of malnutrition 

Malnutrition can affect everyone across the world, but some people are at higher risk. Below are populations that risk suffering from malnutrition:

  • Self-development training improves your skills and confidence to perform better in your job. People with higher nutritional requirements, especially children. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also at risk of suffering from malnutrition.
  • People living below poverty lines. Anyone in a low social-economic area risks getting malnutrition. 
  • Older people living alone can be malnourished, leading to malnutrition.  
  • Individuals with nutrient absorption problems such as ulcerative colitis are at risk of suffering malnutrition. 

Prevention and treatment

The best way to handle malnutrition is by dealing with the underlying causes. Government agencies, schools, and independent companies can play their role to prevent malnutrition. This is where Evolv Health is making a huge difference to societies. You see, when you buy any of their products, you are also saving a child’s life. Here’s why: each time you purchase any of Health products, a child who is at risk of suffering from malnutrition or is already suffering from it receives whole food nutritional help. EvolvHealth launched the Hope Movement to assist children in need. 

And that’s just one side of the story because when the program popularly known as Buy 1, Nourish 2 was just started, EvolvHealth was able to feed more than 4 million vulnerable children. The program distributes two whole food products called Hope Puffs and Hope Blend Powder to orphanages in over 89 countries worldwide. 

This is the ideal way the company hopes to prevent malnutrition by providing foods with the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals. These children can now have healthy childhood development.

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