5 Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

Updated on February 28, 2020

Nursing is one of the most selfless professions one could aspire to enter. But we all have (and should have as professionals) that deep down voice of reason that says, “What’s in it for me?” and “How much do travel nurses make?”. Nursing has an enormous amount of benefits, especially within the field of travel nursing. The need for travel nurses couldn’t be higher. Travel nurses close the gap between hospitals and other locations that suffer staffing shortages and the able and eager nurses that can be dispatched from other areas. Staffing agencies serve as the conduit between the two and the nurses that are sent to these in need locations can expect  to be rewarded in ways they probably didn’t even consider. Let me detail a few of the benefits in this article.

Varied Work Settings

Who wouldn’t want to see other parts of the country??! If you have a curiosity about your surroundings and want to experience living in different locations then travel nursing would be of huge benefit to you. Travel nursing’s entire motif is based around the idea of never staying in the same place too long. As a travel nurse, you will be dispatched to the location of your choice to a hospital in need of you and the expertise that you provide! One contract you could be in rural Wyoming and the next month you could be in the coastal Carolinas. The possibilities of assignments are endless so let your mind wander!


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Of course when we think of relocation we think of the pain and stress of moving from one home to another. Last time I checked I think moving is listed as #3 as one of life’s most stressful changes…..right under death! The coordination of moving companies and even finding a new home is enough to make you want to just stay where you’re at even if it means a 13 hour commute. However with travel nursing, relocation can be an afterthought. Housing can be coordinated for you by your travel nursing agency. If you want more control, some travel nursing staffing agencies will provide a stipend so you can find your own apartment while on assignment.  You can decide what makes the most sense for you and your situation!

Meet more/new people

We all like to develop and foster those workplace friendships but lets face it, seeing the same faces and dealing with the same personalities everyday can become monotonous no matter how much we like them or how much a travel nurse makes. Travel nursing will give you the chance to not only expand your network, but learn and glean information and outlooks from people of all backgrounds that will only enhance your skill set. You will become a multi-dimensional professional with the ability to see things from a unique perspective that would only become siloed if you were to work in only one place for the duration of your career.

Travel reimbursement

Tied closely into the stress of relocating is the cost of relocating. Many nursing agencies offer travel reimbursement for their travel nurses to help mitigate that stress and the cost of the ensuing moves. Exponentially lifting the financial burden from those that enter this field. This reimbursement could also be a separate benefit from the salary of how much a travel nurse makes so it would almost be an individual benefit!

Job Security!

Job security is usually a close follow up question, right after “how much do travel nurses make?”. Job Security comes with being a travel nurse because of the shortage of qualified nurses making this one of the most in demand careers of today. This fact will definitely help you sleep soundly at night.


These are just a handful of the benefits of being a travel and we haven’t even broached the topic of salary, benefits and how much do travel nurses make. All of that being said, you’re probably wondering “How do I become a travel nurse?!”. The requirements are pretty straightforward. You’ll need either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in addition to taking the NCLEX-RN exam in order to become licensed. A minimum of one year of nursing experience is also highly regarded but not necessarily a requirement. Expand your horizons and gift those from different parts of the map your skillset, expertise and care!

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