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5 Online Marketing Ways To Promote Your Dental Services In Australia

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Are you from Australia looking for ways to market your new dental service business or struggling to get more clients on your existing dental clinic by not considering other marketing tools? Then you might want to read this. In the past few decades, marketing on the internet has become one of the most successful methods in promoting various businesses, including the dental healthcare industry.

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In January 2020, 22 million of the 26 million population in Australia are internet users. With this fact, it would be ideal for upgrading your way of promoting your dental services by marketing online. To provide you with more ideas, listed below are five online marketing ways to get more clients and make your dental business boom.

Market Your Dental Business On Facebook

Facebook, in the present time, is the number 1 social media platform on the internet when it comes to the number of users. In Australia, it has a whopping 16 million monthly users. It is an undeniable fact that promoting your dental service business on this platform would be a great move to attract all kinds of clients, may it be cold clients, warm clients, or hot clients living in Australia.

What’s so unique about Facebook is that it can target any person you want to target. Facebook has two standard methods that you might want to use to promote your dental clinic. There’s what we call “facebook boosting” and “facebook ads marketing.” 

For example, if your dental business is located in Brisbane, you can target your Facebook ads in the Brisbane area only. Suppose you have a unique service like “open for 24-hour services”. In that case, Facebook ads can show it to the Brisbane population that you have an after hours Dental Services in Brisbane, Australia.

Showcase Your Dental Services On Youtube

Video marketing your dental services when done in the number 1 video streaming site, youtube, is one of the powerful moves you can utilize. In January 2020, there were 15 million youtube users reported. It means that you will miss many potential customers in your area who need dental assistance when you leave out youtube as one of your marketing tools.

One of the popular ways entrepreneurs do is hire an expert video editor to produce a powerful marketing and promotional video for their products and services. 

That is one of the best ways you can implement if you want to showcase your dental services’ quality. It will not only promote the high-quality standards of what you do, but you also show it to a massive number of users, thereby attracting a large number of clients in your area. 

Consider Promoting On Instagram

Compared to Twitter, which has a large number of users in the US. Instagram is the 2nd social media platform with 9 million users in Australia. Which only means that promoting your dental products and services on Instagram is also a sure way to attract more clients to your dental business.

For instance, one of the best ways to promote your service on Instagram is to partner with a social media influencer active on Instagram. Applying this will increase the number of followers on your Instagram dental business page, allowing you to have strong social proof, meaning your dental business will be seen as a trusted dental service provider.

In connection to that, you can create your own unique and powerful hashtag catch-phrase, which you can use every time you post something on your Instagram business page or the Facebook page as well. In doing so, social media users in Australia will become more familiar in your dental business over time, thereby creating a “branding” effect.

Create Your Own Dental Services Website

Most businesses in Australia have their websites, and it would be disadvantageous from a marketing perspective if you don’t have your own. Because approximately 85% of the Australian population is online, it can be unstrategic if you don’t have a substantial online presence.

For instance, a website can give good business credibility. In today’s time, people tend to have biases. They tend to distrust businesses that don’t have an online presence, especially healthcare services and assistance. Another benefit of having a website is its cost-efficiency. It would be financially exhausting to promote your dental business using traditional ways.

Email Marketing Your Gimmicks And Promos 

If you consider creating your website for your dental services business, might as well maximize the power of email marketing. For instance, you can use the social media platforms mentioned above to bring potential customers to your website. 

There you can ask for their email address in exchange for valuable promotion, other marketing gimmicks, and unique service discounts that they can acquire if they try your dental services or products.


Marketing is one of the pillars of a successful business, and utilizing the internet in your marketing efforts will help attract more clients. Always keep in mind that what people see in your online presence must be the same thing they will see and experience on the actual so that your marketing efforts won’t be wasted, and you’ll have raving fan clients who will support your dental service business all the way.

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